Monday, May 26, 2008

Buyer’s remorse edition - Obama losing grounds

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Paul Lukasiak: Buyers’ Remorse: How Rank & File Democrats Rejected Obama Once He Was Declared The “Inevitable” Nominee
Hillary’s Voice:
Clinton (48%) vs. McCain (44%)Obama (46%) vs. McCain (46%), May 23, 2008 (270 needed to win)
Clinton 315 McCain 206 Tie 17Obama 242 McCain 272 Tie 24

Hominid Views give Obama only a 32.7% probability of beating McCain, and give Hillary a 99.9% probability of beating McCain. And the Republicans haven’t even begun to trash Obama yet.

Politico: Viral e-mails attack Obama’s life story. And they’ve only just barely gotten started.

Red Queen feels dirty because FOX News. is. fair. and. balanced

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