Sunday, May 25, 2008

Senator Obama is an opportunist who will destroy himself and the Democratic Party

Here is how Karl Rove/GOP thinks about Mr. Barack Obama:

Karl Rove will peg Obama as a do-nothing senator who talked big and achieved little

Republicans feel good about Obama match-up

President Obama: The Preview? (Mr. Obama and Gov. Patrick are the propaganda products of David Axelrod. Gov Patrick is a train-wreck-like disaster to MA. Mr. Obama is much less experienced, can American people expect better results from him?)

One of the major reasons for Mr. Obama’s ascending is that he gets mainstream media’s VIP treatment while the same media have been bashing his opponent harshly everyday.

For example, after IN and NC primary, the MSM started to hype Mr. Obama and playing psychological warfare: dispirit and disfranchise his opponent’s supporters. The problems are Mr. Obama spending huge amount of money (5:1 in NC and IN) only won 2 of 9 states recently (1 tie), he lost 5 states, he lost the total popular votes, he lost the total delegates, he lost 20%+ white voters in almost each state.

Why do the mainstream media boost Mr. Obama? They want him to be the nominee of the Democratic Party, so that a not-strong McCain can easily beat a weak Obama.

Look at the headlines and AP articles at and its Politics section in the past 6 months:

AP, Yahoo biased news => Affect people’s thinking about Mr. Obama => Jack up his poll numbers while beating down his opponent’s => The polls further affect more people’s views => Boost Mr. Obama’s election results

The MSM such as AP have partially worked for Mr. Obama’s campaign during the primary - the mainstream media shamefully manipulate the election results.

For those billions of people around the world watching the US election, what do they think about the words “fair” and “balance” in the world top democracy, the United States of America? Will the people look up the US as their role model of democracy, especially those in the communist China, Cuba or authoritarian Russian? US democracy is just a mirage, and 2008 US primary will be the most media-biased in history.

20 years ago, Michael Dukakis led George H. Bush by double digits, but lost on the Election day. Barack "Empty Suit" Obama will repeat the history.

Let’s look at who the core supporters are for Mr. Obama: the Blacks, young people, and elite white liberals. The Democratic Party is virtually hijacked by Mr. Obama, the Blacks and elite-liberal wings, because of fearing to offend the Black voters, while the party does not care losing the supports of women voters, blue-collar voters, senior voters, Latino voters, Jewish voters, Asian voters.., they do not care losing big states, swing states...

Mr. Obama’s candidacy is mainly based on propaganda by David Axelrod and inflated by the media – most of the other 2008 candidates have worked very hard to serve the country for many years as national leaders, while Mr. Obama’s thin resume forces him to do the lip service for the country and American people, and he blames other candidates for not doing perfect jobs from time to time. Had all US presidents been like Mr. Obama, the United States of American would likely have been still a poor developing country.

Does anyone believe that the independent/GOP voters can be fooled by Mr. Obama’s empty talks, who has few substantial records to back up his rhetoric? Does anyone believe that the majority of voters in the general election will choose a person who has little hands-on experience (creating jobs/economy/financial, military/war, budget/national debt, healthcare, diplomacy, trading, environment, crisis handling…) to lead a country with hundreds of millions of people, the world largest economy, the most powerful military in the world …? “The Emperor’s New Cloth” is a good reading for those who believe it. It is very likely that majority of American voters are smart enough not to elect such an under qualified candidate in the general election, especially those moderate/independent voters.

Historically, Mr. Obama is much weaker than Al Gore/John Kerry in general election:

1. Lack of hands-on experience, accomplishments

2. Because of the media’s bias, there is a lot of water in Mr. Obama’s poll numbers and election results, the inflated numbers will evaporate as the right-wing machine and the MSM turns against him in the general election

3. Mr. Obama gets extremely strong support from the Black voters, who account to about 1/3 of the overall voters in the primary, but in general election the Black voters account to less than 1/6 of the totals, the lack of diversified core voters will be Mr. Obama's clay feet in Nov. Mr. Obama is likely to lose much more white and other groups of voters due to backlash than he gains from the Black voters in the general election, which already started to show in recent primary – he lost white voters by at least 20% almost in every state.

4. A large portion of the votes/delegates Mr. Obama gets are from the red states in the primary, but he has little chance to win these states in the general election. He claimed he gets majority of the votes - excluding Michigan and Florida. His team and supporters killed all the re-vote efforts because the polls show he can not win either state should re-elections were held, these tactics may give Mr. Obama an upper hand in the short-team, but they are definitely losing strategies in the general election - by cheating/hiding weaknesses.

His overwhelm caucus winnings are also dubious, for example he won caucus in NV, TX but lost popular contests. All the things above shows Mr. Obama is good at gaming the system rather than really winning the election

5. In recent 9 contests, Mr. Obama had at least 2:1 money advantages, but these tens of millions of dollars did not buy him much – only won 1 smaller state while losing key ones: PA and OH, why? Because his candidacy has little substance and it is mainly race-based. In term of dollar/per vote, Mr. Obama breaks all the records. The general election will be much less friendly, how much money will Mr. Obama throw in the big/key states in order to beat Mr. McCain?

6. Mr. Obama gets the least endorsements from the former top military officers among the major candidates - the generals have less confidence in a junior, untested national leader, who may control thousands of nuclear war heads which are capable of destroying the entire human being many times - they have no way to know under extremely tough/stressful situations if Mr. Obama can handle it and make sound decisions. His awkward performance in a less favorable environment at the recent Pennsylvania debate does not bode well, that is why he dares not to have another debate before the NC election, but it will come to light again should he debate Mr. McCain in the future. This kind of tactics is consistent in his campaign: hiding all the weaknesses to at least after the primary, so that it will be too late for the Democrats to change causes when they are exposed.

7. Mr. Obama does not win the majority of the women voters, the blue-collar voters, the senior voters, the Hispanic voters, the Jewish voters, the Asian voters…; he hardly wins any big states (CA, TX, NY…), he is rather weak in majority of the key/swing states (FL, OH, PA, etc.)…No Democratic presidents ever lost so many groups of voters, big states/key states in the primary, and finally won in the general election

8. Other issues may not be important in the primary, but can be lethal in the general election:

a. Bitter comments about small towns; patriotism
b. Jeremiah Wright, Trinity United Church of Christ, Louis Farrakhan, James Meeks, Rashid Khalidi, Robert Malley
c. Tony Rezko, Nadhmi Auchi, William Ayer, Emil Jones
d. Double talks on Iraq (S. Power, Colin Kahl), on NAFTA (Austan Goolsbee); oil money falsehood; sub-prime insider: Penny Pritzker; lobbyists’ money, Excleon
e. Mr. Obama’s legislative records, which can be used to attract conservatives; voting “present”, 129 times in Illinois Senate
f. Bypass public financing of the 2008 presidential campaign

9. Mr. Obama and his supporters are afraid of candid talks and open discussions, who keep labeling his opponent racism and other ridiculer accusations. His supporters often act like the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany in the 1930s - insulting and destroying his opponent and people who disagree with them, the evidences can be easily found in, Keith Olbermann show… His advisors/surrogates’ comments do not help either: David Axelrod on Hispanic voters, Donna Brazile on white voters – all of these will turn away millions of Democratic/independent voters

It is very likely that Mr. Obama can manage to win the primary battle but will lose the presidential war in a crushing defeat. The Democratic Party has lost one presidential race after another in the past 40 years except a few, why does not it learn the lessons, especially under very favorite conditions like this year? The main reason is that top Democrats leaders (Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, etc.) are incompetent and self-destructive, who are fooled by the MSM and David Axelrod, and allow a fraction of the party, the Blacks and elite liberals, dominates its destiny while hurting the interests of the majority.

Mr. Obama is a media-made leading candidate/nominee-to-be, without their inflations he is just a Black candidate in the core, who won 90+% Black voters while losing 20+% white voters in almost all the states and pretty weak among other groups of voters in the last 9 contests. Mr. Obama’s selfishness, vanity and arrogance prevent him from knowing who he really is and doing something about it, and he keeps walking to the trap the MSM set up. Like tech/housing bubbles, the Obama bubble will burst, and his a-few-month happy hour will cause the Blacks at least a generation of pains and humiliations, and the Blacks’ dream will become nightmare for decades to come. The Democrats will be defeated within, by an opportunist named Barack Obama. The Demos, especially the Blacks, will have to swallow the sugar-coated poison created by the MSM/David Axelrod after the general election.

In summary, if winning the nomination, Mr. Obama will be the least experienced and weakest nominee in history, and he will blow the best opportunity the Democrats have in decades. The party and country will suffer greatly in the next 4-8 years with Mr. McCain, the third-term Bush, in the White House, and Mr. Obama’s unrealistic ambition, short sight, narrow mind, vanity, arrogance and selfishness will be the root reasons for that.

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