Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If The DNC Strictly Applies The Rules, Obama Will Lose

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Big Tent Democrat (Obama supporter) has the must read post on the upcoming DNC Judgment Day:

To recapitulate, a strict interpretation of the DNC Rules that follows the reasoning of the DNC Memo circulated today would require the following results:

A. The stripping of 50% of the delegates of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Michigan.

B. The full seating of the Florida delegation.

C. Should the DNC RBC reject the safe harbor provision for Florida, then Florida would have 50% of its delegations stripped, but Barack Obama would be entitled to no delegates from Florida due to his violation of Rule 20c.1.b. .

By my math, a strict interpretation of the DNC rules would result in a net gain of 80 or 89 pledged delegates for Clinton.

Read the whole thing. .

The May 31st DNC meeting will be broadcast on C-SPAN. Chris "Ugh" Matthews will actually be at the meeting.

Count Every Vote Rally in DC May 31

"Nominating Obama is like watching HBO's recount and reliving the nightmares that were the Kerry and Dukakis campaigns, and watching the DNC in 2000 make every boneheaded move that led to Bush's win in the recount battle. If the Democrats make the wrong choice again in 2008, we just don't know who's going to want to remain in this party, and suffer through these ridiculously shortsighted and foolish moves again and again." -- HillBuzz

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