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Obama is the one remaining Democratic candidate who is easily TAKEN DOWN for any number of reasons

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… ahem, the idiots in the DNC, who are ready to follow Obama like lemmings over a cliff mostly because they’re so hung up about race that they think their only hope for expiating their “white guilt” is by nominating a sure loser. [THE TWO KEY UPDATES ARE AT THE END, and I plan to post them as their own story later.]


(1) The GOP has the one candidate, John McCain, who can win because of his attractiveness to independent-minded voters (whatever you want to call them, independents, Reagan Democrats, etc.); and

(2) Obama is the one remaining Democratic candidate who is easily TAKEN DOWN for any number of reasons: Weakness on national security, lack of knowledge of world affairs, the fear that military leaders have of him as CinC, his gullibility on dealing with the bad guys in the world, his many associations with known terrorists and far-left and/or Communist sympathizers (from Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to Rashid Khalidi), his inability to speak without a teleprompter, his countless lies about his background in his books and statements, his anti-American and racist pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the rest of his homophobic, far-left “spiritual advisers,” his very unappealing and nasty wife Michelle, his OWN MESSIAH COMPLEX (yeah, i think it’s in his head that he’s a Messiah), and on and on.

(Just the thought of President Barack Obama being faced with an immediate national security crisis, and calling up his honey Samantha Powers for her long-winded advice, is enough to terrify any knowledgeable voter - and military leader. Come on … you really think they haven’t? … I’m just guessin’, but oh … there was that sabbatical she took from Harvard for a year just to work with Barack … while he was writing his second fictional autobiography … hmmmm … I wonder how much help he got with that one … )

GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’


But the contours of the electoral map, combined with McCain’s unique strengths and the nature of Obama’s possible vulnerabilities, have led to a cautious and muted optimism that McCain could actually surpass Bush’s 35-electoral-vote victory in 2004. Though they expect he would finish far closer to Obama in the popular vote, the thinking is that he could win by as many 50 electoral votes.

By post-war election standards, that margin is unusually small. Yet it’s considerably larger than either Bush’s 2004 victory or his five-electoral-vote win in 2000. …

As the latest electoral maps show (just a couple stories down), the GOP HAS IT RIGHT!
And, imho, they DESERVE to win if the Democrats are so f–king stupid as to give the nomination to a sure loser like Obama.

Here’s a bit more from this utterly fascinating article:

It is virtually impossible to find an established GOP strategist who believes McCain will win in a landslide. But in light of the circumstances, more than a few Republicans are pleasantly surprised to find that McCain is at all situated to defeat Obama.

“The broader environment clearly favors the Democrat,” said Whit Ayers, another veteran GOP pollster. But Ayers argued that “a state-by-state analysis actually makes McCain a narrow favorite to win the Electoral College majority.”

“That would certainly run against the grain of history, if he pulled that off,” Ayers added. “But it’s also clearly plausible and a manageable outcome partly because of John McCain’s strength among independents and partly because of Obama’s weakness in culture, ideology and association.”

Some Republican strategists can envision a scenario in which Obama wins the popular vote but loses in the Electoral College — he might galvanize Southern black turnout, for example, but still fail to switch a state in the region.

Among the 10 strategists interviewed by Politico for this story, there was near-uniform belief that had any other Republican been nominated, the party’s prospects in November would be nil.
“No disrespect to the other candidates,” said GOP pollster Glen Bolger, “but if anyone else had been nominated we’d be toast.”

GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’By DAVID PAUL KUHN 5/23/08 5:29 PM EST

Newsweek Poll: Clinton Beats McCain, Obama Tied.”
Big Tent Democrat writes, among other things:

It appears that the issue is not so much Obama’s relative lack of appeal to white working class voters vis a vis typical Dems like Kerry (indeed, Obama exceeds Kerry’s white support), but rather it is Hillary Clinton’s strong appeal to that demographic. In other words, it is not that there is something wrong with Obama but that there is something RIGHT with Clinton.
Read all: “Newsweek Poll: Clinton Beats McCain, Obama Tied.”

You’d think that that would be important to party leaders, wouldn’t you.
You’d think that would be critical to sane leaders who really want to win and who really want to wrest control of the presidency from the Republicans.
You’d think that that would be essential to smart leaders who can recognize their own hang-ups with “white guilt” and look beyond to what is BEST FOR THE GODDAMN COUNTRY!

Via Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic’s blogger:
Basically, “we won the second half.”
Since March 4:
Hillary votes: 6,519,685Obama votes: 6,007,744Margin: Hillary +511,941
Hillary pledged delegates: 510Obama pledged delegates: 495Margin: Hillary +15 delegates
Hillary contests: 7 (OH, RI, TX, PA, IN, WV, KY)Obama contests: 6 (VT, WY, MS, GU, NC, OR)

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