Monday, May 26, 2008

Clinton Stronger in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

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A new set of Quinnipiac polls show Sen. Hillary Clinton is the stronger candidate against Sen. John McCain in the swings states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Florida: Clinton 48%, McCain 41%; McCain 45%, Obama 41%.
Ohio: Clinton 48%, McCain 41%; McCain 44%, Obama 40%.
Pennsylvania: Clinton 50%, McCain 37%; Obama 46%, McCain 40%.

Said pollster Peter Brown: "The numbers for Florida and Ohio are good news for Sen. John McCain and should be worrisome for Sen. Barack Obama. That is especially true about Ohio, which decided the 2004 election. Ohio's economy is worse than the rest of the country and the Republican brand there is in disrepute. McCain's Buckeye lead may be a sign that nationally this may not be the easy Democratic walk to the White House that many expected."

Big caveat: Are these three states really the swing states in an Obama vs. McCain general election?

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