Sunday, June 29, 2008

Barack Obama and the Media: In the Tank for Obama

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"Barack Obama can take some solace out of Hillary Clinton’s new television ad in Pennsylvania. At least one of her supporters featured in the spot hammering Obama for his small town comments isn’t registered to vote in Pennsylvania."

Okay. The above is from the, which is a leftist newspaper in Illinois (Obama's home state). I guess this is a matter of: "What can you expect?". However, this utterly stupid story is linked on Drudge, and will probably receive national play in the pro-Obama leftist press (not a description that applies to Drudge, but I do have a sneaking suspicion that Drudge is picking this story up as an anti-Clinton story that can be hyped, even though it is of no significance).

Since when have "fact checkers" checked on the VOTER REGISTRATION of people in an ad. Note that this non-story does not suggest that the person is queston was not offended by Barack Obama. Rather, the story suggests the totally ridiculous idea that it matters that the person in question is registered to vote in New Jersey rather than Pennsylvania.

If Barack Obama is reduced to taking solace from this reaching attempt to discredit a Clinton ad, he is in BIG trouble. I actually think he is.

Note how long it took for the mainstream media to "check" the false Clinton sob story about an allegedly uninsured, pregnant woman who was denied (not actually uninsured or denied) health care. That was because the media agreed with that agenda.

This is totally a story with an agenda, and not any kind of "news".

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