Sunday, June 29, 2008

Joining the DNC, the AP crowns Obama the nominee

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According to their tally of public and private superdelegate commitments… (Wasn’t it just yesterday that senators denied the rumor of a group Obama endorsement?)

And check out the last two paragraphs of the article that contrast Obama as a victim of his associates’ shenanigans versus Clinton losing from “self-inflicted wounds.”

Also included is the suggestion that Clinton has signaled she’s open to being VP. Considering earlier today the AP flubbed on whether or not Clinton would concede tonight, let’s just take all this reporting with a grain of salt.

Per usual for me lately, I’m leaving you with a hodge podge of links (work and health has kept me from too much blogging this week):

Here’s a hilarious spoof from Corrente on the “lost tribe” of Hillarians.

Donna, have we shared this video yet? I need Hillary!

Apparently, my suggestion that if she does not get the nomination HRC become HHS Secretary is gaining some traction.

More astute chastising of the Obama-sphere and the shambles it’s in (pro-Clinton bloggers are not entirely of the hook though…)

I like this quote from BTD, in this post about the Clinton purge going on among the Obama faction of the party:

One of the aspects of the Obama image that should be of most concern to Democrats is that his message of hope and change has become, in some sense, a message of disdain and condescension.

The long-form version of No Webb for VP! Wake up OFB!!

“White Women Take the Gloves Off.” I’d love to hear from our sisters of color Clinton supporters on this one!!! This is an oldie, on the class divisions among white women and their support for Clinton v. Obama. Good reading from a Brandeis professor - love her!!! (Class of ‘97 in the house!!)

Stay strong today, people!!!

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