Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Barack Obama Condones Coordinated Internet Harassment by his Thugs

Original Link: http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/06/10/barack-obama-condones-coordinated-internet-harassment-by-his-thugs/

By Uppity Womanclose

First, I need to direct you to this entry at Rezko Watch, so that you will understand that the systematic internet abuse of people who do not support Barack Obama is planned by the Barack Obama campaign with the blessings of the Plastic Jesus Himself.

You will read about the “Echo Chamber” to be created on the internet, managed by the same man who led Howard Dean’s internet onslaught. You will also read about how the Plan includes media manipulation. Actually, the entire “plan” is practically Orwellian.

That’s right folks, Howard Dean and Barky Obama are in each other’s pants, so to speak, and have been from Day One.

Hillary Clinton never had a chance with the DNC. Nobody would have had a chance. The voters had no chance. The Plan was to put Howard Dean’s candidate, Barack Obama, in the candidate’s slot at all and any costs. Judging from what we have seen in the past year, this is not so hard to believe at all.

The idea here is to turn the internet into a constant Pro Obama “echo”. This includes going where people who do not support Obama are. It also included driving all Hillary supporters away from presumably “objective” sites until the sites become All Obama All The Time.

The most recent example of Obama-Planned onslaught was seen yesterday, when many established bloggers’ and message board users’ names and their links (including my own) were nearly simultaneously forged in messages on forums and blogs all over the net.

The messages, falsely bearing our names, stated that we have had a “change of heart” and now “support Barack Obama”.

Knowing fully well that this entire onslaught was a forgery, the gleefully Obama-Complicit Andrew Sullivan posted this entry using a message out of context from a No Quarter thread. Sullivan used the term the Clinton “Dead Enders“. The idea here is to make his readers believe that these forgeries were real, that we have all truly had a change of heart, and the few remaining “dead enders” are in a panic over it.

Andrew Sullivan knows damned well that these messages in our names were forgeries designed by Obama’s campaign. The fact is, a NQ user was seeing all those forgeries on the net and was perplexed. As a deliberate participant of the Obama-coordinated effort, Sullivan used that message to imply those of us whose identities were stolen had actually written those messages.

Not only did Sullivan’s out of context message give a false signal that so many of the No-Obama people were defecting, but suddenly his term “Dead Ender” started showing up on message boards as part of the Obama zombies’ posts to Clinton supporters. Like magic! See? Hopey Changey Magic! No Quarter does a more complete piece on this story here .

We have long noticed that Obamazoids seem to use the same catch phrases, insults and barbs. Now we can clearly see where it is all it coming from: It is coordinated directly with the Barack Obama Campaign.

Look for the words “Dead Enders” to be used often this week, just as Andrew Sullivan used it. I have already seen it used at No Quarter, so it’s coming to the other theaters soon.

The Obama Web Echo Chamber also explains how it is that the sudden rash of forged Obama-Love messages bearing familiar users’ and bloggers names, were posted so widely on the internet so quickly. Inside of 24 hours, all the most used No-Obama websites had been affected, leaving readers confused and thinking that the community of bloggers who have no use for Barack Obama had a change of heart. That was the idea. But this was no instant idea. This wasn’t the impromptu work of a couple of kids in the middle of the night. This was planned.

Barack Obama owns the internet slaughter we have tolerated for more than a year, folks.

This man and his campaign has no interest whatsoever in the concept of Democracy. In the same way he has stolen delegates at caucuses and right In The Face of Michigan voters, this power-hungry man continues to unleash his his young zombies and will stop at nothing to force himself upon America and silence dissent. Frankly, I can see why his cousin Odinga has no problem killing off people who didn’t vote for him in Kenya. Silencing dissent is in his genes.

Barack Obama can’t kill those of us who will never support him like Cousin Odinga is doing, so instead he is working deliberately to kill our spirit, our dignity, our status as human beings, and our Choice of President. Remember, this is the same man who eliminated all of his competition when he ran for State Senate.

Honestly and truly, he is the most vile Presidential candidate I have witnessed in my entire not so short life, and that even includes George Bush. Now that’s amazing! His manipulation of the internet and his ability to bring out the malicious side of young people bear witness to what he is. His sponsors and affiliations bear even greater witness. Show me who you hang out with and I will tell you what you are.

After you have digested Rezko Watch’s piece and No Quarter’s piece, here is what I would like you to do:

Print out the most vile, insulting and filthy messages that you find here or anywhere on the internet. Show them to your friends and relatives. Take the worst ones. Show them to anyone and everyone. For example, show every Jew you know the screen shots from mybarackobama, which depict very clearly what this campaign really thinks of Jews and Israel. The pages have been scrubbed now, and screen shots have become the friend of everyone who opposes Barack Obama.

Truly, gang there is something to offend everyone that has been crapped out by an Obama ass on the internet. Make your printer your friend. Send links to everyone you know. Show them who and what Barack Obama is.

The Obama thugs online don’t even remember that there is a world away from their computers. They are mostly kids who are using the computer while their parents sleep or work. That’s YOUR world. Most people in the real world don’t even know who DK*s is. It’s a community unto itself. The majority of the country couldn’t care less about him or anybody’s blog for that matter.

Use the Real World to stop Obama. I can attest that it works! If Barack Obama wants to be malicious online via his “Echo” surrogates, then he will have to understand that his surrogates represent him. Use his own tool against him.

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