Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama and the politics of intolerance

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Having been involved in online communities discussing this year's political race for over a year, it is clear that the Obama camp has never been about tolerance or playing fair. They have ostracized and belittled supporters of other candidates, written threatening e-mails, and worse.

Plato said "the measure of a man is what he does with power", so it is instructive to see how these zealous Obama supporters behave now that they have won the nomination. The measure is alarming: they continue to be intolerant and to use dirty tactics to suppress, rather than debate, alternative viewpoints.

I found this out first-hand last week when some Obama zealots repeatedly flagged my blog as "spam", taking advantage of a weakness in's architeture to illegally prevent me from publishing new posts on my own blog. The reason is, presumably, because I have posted criticisms of the duplicity of Barack Obama and the underhanded tactics of his supporters.

Ironically, I hadn't really been posting that much lately. I was mulling things over. Could I really vote for John McCain? And what about all those Democrats whom I respect who are now rallying around Obama - could they be trusted to keep the causes I believe in alive even though they're working to elect a purely Bonapartist, power-hungry Chicago politician?

The answer comes not from above nor from my conscience, but from the dirty move by Obama supporters to suppress my blog: hell no. I will, I reaffirm, never support this candidate or the corrupt and abusive minions who are frothing at the mouth for him. Shame on them, on all of you who pull dirty tricks for power. What happened to the politics of "hope" and to the sentiment that this is not a "liberal America or a conservative America" but the "United States of America"? You never gave a damn about that, it was all pandering. You deserve to lose and lose big, but should you win, mark my words, there will be a resistance to liberal fascism, and a host of new converts to the other side of the aisle, such as has never been seen in this nation. But perhaps thats the point - perhaps Obama and his minions are Karl Rove plants after all.

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