Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Reasons to Support Hillary: She Keeps Her Word

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The news that Hillary will be making her first joint appearance with Obama at an event with some of her largest donors should come as no surprise to us faithful Hillary Supporters.

Hillary promised, on multiple occasions, that she would campaign her heart out for the nominee, no matter who it was. Hillary, unlike Obama, is true to her word.

While perusing the blogosphere, I have read many comments by ardent Hillary supporters claiming they will be unable to support her if she campaigns with him or for him. Please, do not take this route. Hillary is doing what she must. She is a woman of her word, and she is loyal to a fault. She is certainly a better woman than I am, because I would have told Obama and the DNC where they could shove it long ago.

Please do not think that this signals that Hillary is lying down and letting Obama and the DNC walk over her. Just like any good woman, Hillary has a back up plan, and is certainly keeping a list. Hillary is playing her part, and we must play ours. As Puma Pac stated, “Thank You, Hillary Clinton. We’ll take it from here.”

We should take note, that whatever Hillary does for Obama, it is because he has personally requested that she do so. This should give us solace, knowing that “The Chosen One,” at least in private, must acknowledge that he needs her. He needs her to talk to her fund raisers because he’s too incompetent and arrogant to do so without angering people. I can almost guarantee that Hillary is not jumping up and down, offering to do whatever he needs. Obama is the one who must approach her, and in the right manner, and with the right requests for her to agree. As she is the one who is controlling access, she is the one with the power. Hillary Clinton is not at anyone’s beckon call.

After having the privilege to be on two recent conference calls with Hillary, and having read between the lines throughout this entire campaign, I believe that Hillary knows that her efforts to assist Obama will be in vain. She does not believe he will win, and through no fault of her own. Obama’s downfall will be his own doing.

Do not desert Hillary because she is true to her word. This should instill more pride in and respect for her. Hillary has never given us a reason to be ashamed or embarrassed to support her, and she’s not going to start now. While it would give most of us the utmost pleasure to see her tell Obama where to go, why, and who he can take with him, it should give us more pleasure to know that we support a classy, respectful and loyal leader. After all, would we expect nothing less from from a sitting Senator, former First Lady, and the best presidential candidate in decades?

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