Sunday, June 29, 2008

Once Again, the AP Takes Obama's Side

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Here's a very one-sided article from our favorite Obama propaganda machine, the Associated Press: Obama Launches Site to Debunk Rumors

Nedra Pickler, author of the article, is a name I recognize. She has been one of the few AP political reporters covering the Democratic primaries, with her coverage skewed towards Obama the whole campaign. The entire article she wrote is completely biased towards Obama, and tries to portray any negative information put out against him as a lie that is being drummed up by conservatives. For example, she writes:

It's a particular problem for Obama, a relative newcomer to national politics who is still unknown to many voters and has been the target of persistent misinformation campaigns online.

Right. So all the information out about Rezko is just a "persistent misinformation campaign."

She also goes so far as to equate negative information on Obama as an Internet hoax, by writing:

E-mails about Obama rank No. 2 on the list of "Hottest Urban Legends" on, an Internet rumor-debunking site, behind e-mail greeting cards that could expose computers to viruses.

The final straw for me was reading the following graph:

There have also been more insulting attacks, and not just limited to the Internet. The Fox News Channel recently labeled her as "Obama's baby mama" and also raised the inflammatory suggestion that she gave her husband a "terrorist fist jab" when they bumped knuckles the night he clinched the nomination.

Oh gee, poor Obama. You mean he's finally getting a small taste of what Hillary had to endure her entire campaign? Boo hoo.

Nedra Pickler has obviously been in the tank for Obama for a while now. Whether she's just a fan of his or actually getting encouraged by the higher ups at AP to support him, this article is yet another example of Obama propaganda.

I'm not saying all Internet rumors about Obama are true, but a real reporter would look at some of the more substantiated charges, such as his associations with Ayers and Rezko. To not do so is not journalism, but rather a rehashing of an Obama press release.

Shame on Pickler, and the AP for putting forth this shoddy journalism.

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