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Obama Is Fascism

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By Bruce Marshall

Recently the esteemed Paul Craig Roberts penned a rather atrocious display of political illiteracy and impotence when he came out supporting the candidacy of Barack Obama for President. After devoting half of the article to a decent analysis of Obama's obscene genuflections to the Israel and AIPAC, Roberts reverses his critique in midstream to devote the rest of the article to the promotion of Obama, who he feels represents an antidote to the Bush years and the Republicans. What is this all about?

The are a number of fallacies inherent in Robert's capitulation which reflect his lack of understanding of the true nature of the danger that we face as regards the Obama campaign and who is behind it. That Mr. Roberts joins what is a rather mutinous rabble is perhaps not surprising when one considers his resume as a well seated economist with numerous think tanks over the years including the Hoover Institute and other repositories of right wing, anti-American uber-capitalists such as the libertine Cato Institute. The most notable indication of Robert's pedigree is his roots with the Mont Pelerin Society. It is the Mont Pelerin Society, which is the headquarters of the Austrian School of Economics, repositories devoted to promoting the work of von Hayek and von Mises as post World War II apologist for the austerity policies of fascism. From the spawn of the Austrian school arouse the libertarian kook Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Economics. The Chicago School is in essence a Rockefeller operation which provides intellectual cover for Wall Street's looting practices sanctioned by a programmatic destruction of government as political policy.

It is Barak Obama who is now the anointed political representative of the Rockefeller/ Trilateralists and the whole Chicago School . This is most directly displayed through his political advisor Professor Austin Goolsbee, a member of Skull and Bones which figuratively characterizes the fruits of such policies which advocates free trade as the cover for anti-national piracy operations on the high seas of international finance. Along with Goolsbee who represents a modification of the radical 'free market' blather of the Chicago School through the adaptation of various new trends that treat people as animals, to be 'noodged' in a certain direction through the application of behaviorist principle applied to macro economics. This is now called "Noodgenomics". Of course we have to mention the sick George Soros as the hit man pouring millions into the Obama campaign. Soros the speculator and looter, it should be noted sold out other Jews with his father during World War II for the Nazis in a time that he considers the greatest years of his life. This resembles his heavy investment portfolio in Halliburton as he funded the '' Bush protection outfit for the subversion of Democratic Party opposition. Of course neither Repbulicans nor Democrats as a whole excoriate the despicable leach Soros for being the speculative pirate that he is. Rather he is sadly revered and allowed to wreck havoc on the world now through Obama.

As one who has done a commendable and exemplary job in critiquing the Bush Administration's imperialism as a former Reagan Administration official, Roberts sudden endorsement of Obama represents a profound strategic misunderstanding. This misunderstanding, which is endemic on the left and right, is a blindness to the fact that Obama represents the new face of imperialism of a strain for more dangerous than the overt neocons. The geopolitical matrix with which Obama resides and is the bait with which to envelope the world is that of his mentor and advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. The world according to Brzezinski, which matches that of his Rockefeller sponsors, is one that is not complete until the potentiality for powerful nation states, such as Russian and China are completely emasculated. This follows precisely script written by British geopolitics and the playing of the "Great Game' for colonialist exploitation of capital both human and mineral..

The destruction of national sovereignty including that of a strong United States has been the mission of the 'Free Traders" whose tradition is that of British imperialism, intellectually promulgated by such outlets as the Mount Pelerin Society and the Cato Institute for the advancement of feudalism. While Roberts and the left excoriate Bush, one must realize that the foreign policy of the lame duck Bush Administration has been taken over by the "Principals Committee" and is engaging in Brzezinski/Obama bombing campaigns against Pakistan. Thus we are seeing 'Obama-ism' in action already!

It was Obama in July of 2007 that called for the unilateral U.S. bombing of Pakistan , at a time when Bush, Hillary Clinton and McCain were against such insanity. Now the U.S. is bombing Pakistan . This is pure Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama's mentor and godfather advisor. Brzezinski is perfectly mad with millions of dead bodies on his resume. The true implications of this geopolitical 'grand chessboard' are betrayed by his track record and alliances with evil, ranging from the creation of Al Qaeda to deference to Pol Pot. Brzezinski is a master at burying his plans in his masterfully deceptive books which are accepted as benign by the left and anti-imperilists like Roberts. Brzezinski's deceptions though do not get past leaders like Vladimir Putin who see through the charade, as it was Putin who said he will resist all plans like those that come from the like of Brzezinski that would carve Russia into four different nations. The destruction of Russia is what has always been the aim of this Polish aristocrat, the rest of the world be damned.

This fits in with Brzezinski's motivation for bombing Pakistan as called for by Barack and now being carried out under the cover of the Bush Administration. Pakistan of course is a country larger than Iran and who has already has thermonuclear weapons. This is part of a general strategy of destabilization against allies of China which Pakistan is. Destabilization of Russia and China is required by the Wall Street and London because such nations represent the capability of a revival of the world wide economic system against the bankrupt hegemony of bankrupt speculative paper that is the fueling the hyperinflation of food and oil. Under Obama, talks with Iran can only mean a strategy of appeasement to thus employ Iran against Russia by exploiting old ethnic based grievances. Brzezinski's methods are those of inciting the conditions for irregular warfare to so breed endless strive.

Under Obama the new face of imperialism will engage in provocations that could well see the sending of U.S and coalition troops to Africa and elsewhere under the cover of humanitarianism and human rights. The prospect of Obama duly bringing the troops back from Iraq is highly dubious. Where has Obama's opposition to Bush been? He votes for the war's funding, calls for further adventurism and accepts the whole blowback thesis of left as regards 9/11 which fuels the continuation of this phony war on terror. Thankfully Paul Craig Roberts does not accept the whole blowback copout of the Bush protecting left.

What we might well see with Obama is the reinstitution of the draft to make up for his call for more troops. In reality he will not have to because his disastrous economic policies will continue to make the military the last social safety net for many lower class Americans. With Obama he will need more troops to promote imperialism, under the guise of humanitarianism. Look for American troops to go to Africa . This will be part of the drive for war against China , attack the Sudan and kick the Chinese out and replace them with American colonialists. It is Obama, of African decent, who becomes the perfect foil for the west to further loot Africa for the needs of 'primitive accumulation' for the capitalist sector, rather than economic development and progress.

Development and progress is what is needed to deal with the world wide economic collapse. Dirigist measures which create the environment for true economic investment in the physical economy based on the development and creativity of labor, as opposed to the present system that is a parasitic and has created the present speculative nightmare, is needed at this time, in concert with other nations devoted to promoting the general welfare of their populations. This is the American System of Economics based on the precepts of the Constitution Curiously enough John McCain's call for the building of 45 nuclear power plants in the Untied States thus for represents exactly the type of commitment towards investment in the future and the general welfare that is required to counter the economic collapse through such positive investment. That sets the real debate right there.

What Roberts has done, with his begrudging endorsement of Obama, is to fall prey to the strategy of the Obama campaign to use Bush as the target with which to mobilize the masses that are indeed hungry for change. The sadness inherent in Roberts's mistake is that it is precisely Obama and the Democrats who have been Bush's greatest allies, funding the war and opposing impeachment for political purposes, rather than acting from a position of principle and duty against the very tyranny against our Constitution. The Democrats are just as guilty and Mr. Roberts know it. Rather than fall into such a trap, Roberts should first recognize that Obama is not the presumptive nominee. It is not until August at the convention and the roll call vote if it is allowed that the nominee is officially chosen.

We must all know that in essence Obama can not win a general election without the help of scandal. Rest assured the Republican 527s are already fueled up with an arsenal of Obama scandals, which are breaking out already with the possibility of convincing the people of the Democratic Party to fight against this post modern coup being funded by Soros and maneuvered by Dean and Brazille in the Democratic Party and in the left faction of the mainstream media. While Obama's will lose a general election, the Democrats will gain in Congress and as such would be able to override McCain in a number of areas. I do not endorses McCain, but rather the emergence of true debate and leadership that is needed to deal with the world wide financial meltdown crisis of which the imperialism that Roberts has opposed under Bush is the in fact that very outcome of 'free market' oligarchic capitalism that groups like the Mont Pelerin Society promote.

Hopefully Mr. Roberts might recognize his folly and reevaluate the danger inherent in an Obama nomination. Lest reader's think that I am an advocate of McCain, realize that such a reaction is precisely the reaction mode that reflects the manipulated debate that cripples our nation at this time of crisis. Do not be fooled for Obama is the face of post modern fascism; Obama has a popular movement based on emotionalism that Bush never had. All Bush had was fear, fear and intimidation to put in place all the machinations of a police state. Do we want an Obama Presidency with all the powers of the Unitary Executive, etc. to thus have complete power with his own party in the majority in Congress? This would be very dangerous. Remember Hitler and Mussolini started out on the left and were financed into prominence by international banking interests as is Obama today.

The danger with Mr. Roberts' pronouncement is that many will swallow it whole, especially those on the left who have clutched onto Roberts criticism of the Bush because of the paucity of true opposition coming from the left. This sad reality is indicative of the left's obsession with an attack on Iran . The fact of the matter is that an attack on Iran is mainly a rhetorical show of bravado by the deposed neocons. Bush and the neocons are lame ducks, if an attack on Iran was to have happened it would have happened last September but was averted potentially by the Kennebunkport Warning and the subsequent prevention of the hijacking of the nuclear weapons laden "Rogue B-52". Sure Israel may try some sort of attack over the next coming weeks and I do not underestimate the crazyness of the neocons, but by all indications the Principals Committee which is cleaning ship in the military is in control, not Bush. The danger again is the hoopla of an attack on Iran by Bush helps the Obama campaign in its saying that McCain is the same as Bush. This of course is not true, but McCain who would face a Democratic majority in Congress is a lame duck President from day one.

The issue now is to wake people up to the fact that we need a convention not a coronation in the once Democratic Party and a real debate on the issues of which the scandals around Obama, from murder and corruption to drug use, and militant racism as promulgated by his foundation funded partners such as the Ford Foundation funded Weather Underground terrorists and such dubious figures as Farrakhan, all must be examined in full as regards anyone who could have their finger on the thermonuclear trigger.

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