Friday, June 20, 2008

Break The Public Financing Pledge Now Sen. Obama

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By Big Tent Democrat

Unlike most good government types, I believe that until there is full public financing of political campaigns, the Democratic Party should NEVER give away an advantage when it has one. This year the Democratic nominee is almost certain to have a financing advantage over the GOP nominee John McCain. Senator Barack Obama earlier made a pledge to abide by public financing in the general election if the Republican opponent would agree. John McCain has not only agreed, he is now pressing Obama to honor his pledge. Senator Obama, break that pledge. And do it now. Why? This piece from Obama strategist David Axelrod from Face the Nation provides a clue:

“Bob, we're not backing away [from our public finance pledge]. What Sen. Obama said is, once the nomination is secured, we will sit down with Sen. McCain as the nominee, and we will talk this through," Axelrod said. "Let's get through the primary season, sit down. We obviously want … nobody's been stronger on campaign finance reform than Barack Obama.”

Excuse me Mr. Axelrod, now is the time to break the pledge. You are running against Hillary Clinton, easily the most Media despised candidate we have seen since Al Gore. You will get a free pass NOW. You will not if you wait until McCain is your opponent. The free pass will be gone on this issue against John "McCain-Feingold" McCain. Democrats do not care. You will lose no votes to Clinton over this. But you will lose the Media over this if you wait until you are facing St. John McCain.

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