Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hillary Supporters Keep The Fight Alive

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The NY Daily News has a great article about the Hillary grassroots efforts
"Some of Hillary Clinton's die-hard supporters are plotting to stop Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, or more realistically, at the polls in November.

Though Clinton folded her campaign last Saturday and endorsed Obama, a few Hillary activists still hope to somehow convince superdelegates to award her the nomination at the Aug. 25-28 convention in Denver.
Others want a Clinton write-in campaign for the November ballot. Some plan to sit the election out. And then there are those now behind Republican John McCain.....

Bower, 36, of Washington, said he still harbors some hope Obama won't officially be crowned the nominee in Denver, but, meanwhile, he's urging voters to back McCain.

"We have almost three months until convention - and it's been a crazy political season as it is - and who knows what will be revealed," Bower said. "Come convention, the Democratic Party may be like, 'Oh, my God! We have to have Hillary!'"

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