Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Are Life-Long Democrats Snubbing Obama?

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By Roger Ryan

Why are life long Democrats and liberal leaning or middle of the road
American voters not going to vote for Senator Barack Obama in November,
should he become the Democratic Parties nominee? The DNC is selling that
Party unity is strong and there are no worries in November because the
Democratic Party will be completely united. The agenda driven media will
give this much more play then it deserves. We know Senator Obama has
already pulled the gender card out and told all these life long Democrats
“to just get over it” as if this entire group is only bitter women over the
age of 40. Just in case it is bigger then just women and does in fact
includes men and others peoples groups such as rural Americans, out comes
the tired ole race card yet once again as the only reason why these life
long Democrats do not want him as the Party nominee and why they will not
vote for him in November of course that would be no more true this time then
it has been any other time Obama has used his race card tactic.

The real whys have to do with the wrongs done by the DNC toward the
membership of their own Party and not all the inadequacies of Senator Obama
as a Presidential candidate or even fact that the Party is not putting
forward the one candidate that everyone since 2006 has agreed is the sure
winner to recapture the White House. All these horrible wrongs by the Party
leadership are the unifying force for all these groups of Democrats. These
same Party leaderships wrongs is the sustaining power to there PUMA style
movement’s commitment of defeating Obama and fixing there Party. It is also
what is making this movement a growing movement instead of shrinking

What the DNC and other Party elected leaders do not realize is that this is
not a just 2008 Presidential race issue but is in reality a much larger
issue and therefore a longer project and movement. The real issue is the
need for re alignment of direction within the Party leadership as a whole
that is once again a must, which most likely means a change in the Party
leadership personnel. The pushing forward of the no experience and not
ready yet Obama as the Democratic Parties Presidential nominee is just a
symptom of what is really wrong within the Party.

As these life long Democrats watched their Party leaders on May 31st 2008 in
the RBC meeting they felt they were witnessing Animal Farm come to life
before there very eyes within their own Party. While many setting in the
chairs at that meeting were in some way connected to or even part of the
struggle to make the Democratic Party a “we the people” Party. Those very
same people now as leaders have moved into the farm house and are behaving
like those they struggled against. Once again Party bosses rain like the
elite and cut deals in back rooms with indifference to we the people’s voice
so that once again not all members are given an equal voice.

Every Democratic Party leader or elected official should take note that all
these long time Democrats have found their voice and will not abandon their
Party, even those who have resigned will be back but only as united PUMA’s.
The Party must understand they will be back as Democratic Party PUMA’s with
a mission that is well thought out and action plans that are well defined to
be carried out until there Party has the corrected re alignment once again.

What this means is that the PUMA style movement will not be over even after
Senator Obama’s defeat in November. Other election years as well could be
in doubt for any candidate backed by the out of touch Party leadership. How
long and painful a process this will be is up to the current Democratic
Party leadership. The sooner they get out of the smoke filled back rooms
and remember their Party is to be the sentinels of the democratic process of
we the people the sooner these long time Democrats will let the PUMA loose
in the wild and the Democratic Party will once again capture the White House
and stay in control of congress.

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