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Arrogant Thing, You Make Everything…Horrid

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By Ani

OK. My head is spinning. I can say the Obama Campaign could not get any more outrageous or preposterous, but I am sure I will be proven wrong.

Senator Obama, on his Rockapalooza tour of the Middle East and Europe, is now taking time out from photo ops and playing hoops (you know, while Afghani women were being executed) in order to issue a ‘fatwa’ of his own: He is forbidding the press corps to wear green.

From Politico:

Mohamad Bazzi, a professor of journalism at New York University and former Middle East bureau chief for Newsday, called the instruction “very strange.”

“I guess green is the ‘Hamas color’ — but it’s also the color of Islam!” Bazzi said in an email from Beirut. “That’s one way for the Obama campaign to alienate 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide.”

Why stop now, Senator. You’ve already alienated ‘bitter’ voters, Asian voters, Italian voters, rural voters, women voters, gay voters, FL, MI, WV, KY, OH, to name a few… but wait, there’s more!

James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, said:

“I’ve never heard of that before,” he said, adding that nobody had ever suggested avoiding the color on his satellite television show, which airs weekly in the Arab world. “This is an overreach on somebody’s part,” he said. “It’s not going to insult anybody, nor is it going to offend them if somebody does wear green.”

“Our folks in Jerusalem and the USA have no idea what this is about,” said an official of one major American Jewish organization. “We have not ever suggested that people not wear the color green.

Is Obama afraid of being associated with being a Muslim? Why? He’s a Christian, no? Why the abundance of caution? Doesn’t he realize this could be construed as him protesting too much – again?

Just as he did with his faux “outrage” at the New Yorker cartoon of he and Michelle…

I mean, if there’s really no smoke, why make a fire? But this is not the only fire…

We recently had the Obama campaign ‘uninviting’ Senator Max Cleland from a campaign event. You remember Max – the man who lost three limbs in the Vietnam war and fights to help other veterans’ recovery; one of the icons of the Democratic Party. Well, the Obama campaign says he’s technically a “lobbyist” and they wouldn’t want to open themselves up to criticism. Uh-huh.

OK, now that he’s offended all veterans. What else do we have…

Throwing Jesse Jackson under the bus. Why worry? I mean, Jesse Jackson hasn’t earned his stripes in the civil rights movement or anything, has he?

Throwing – actually, hurling General Wesley Clark under the bus. By the way, at the Netroots Convention this weekend, I think the General got a little of his own back – but I’m not sure the crowd got the reference. In thanking the Netroots Nation for sticking up for him after being skewered for his comments about John McCain, Clark said:

I was at a Washington dinner with James Carville, … I said, “James, …how are we going to convince the American people that just because we’re in a time of war that they don’t have to vote Republican? How are we going to get them to understand that Democrats have a pretty good national security record?”

[Carville] said, “You’ll never get the American people to believe that Democrats will defend them until Democrats stand up and defend each other.”

The Netroots crowd cheered, not realizing General Clark was probably criticizing Obama for not defending him.

Obama also threw Hillary Clinton’s 18 million supporters under the bus and then told us to “get over it,” with his inimitable groupie, Nancy Pelosi echoing his every turn of phrase. You remember Nancy – the House Speaker with the 14% approval rating – once again unable to keep her foot out of her mouth insulting Hillary’s voters re the possibility of her being selected for the VP slot…tossing out Gov. Kathy Sebelius’ name in the same breath – cause you know, all us gals are interchangeable.

Then there’s his audacity at wanting to campaign in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Germany. No offense there.

I now understand Senator Obama thinks our military isn’t enough and wants to employ a civilian national security force? Can you say Blackwater? Does this scare anyone else?

And now he may be offending all Muslims, too?

This is odd considering none other than Senator John Kerry said that Senator Obama is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between us and the Muslim community. Not so much now, huh, John?

By the way, Senator Kerry, how did it feel to see your friend Max Cleland kicked to the curb by your favorite wunderkind, Obama? Are you going to make a public statement about that one and speak out for your dear old friend, Max? Or is your new friend, Barack, more important?

And then there is the good relationship Obama’s says he’s going to build up with Europe over the next eight to ten years. Ten years? Did the length of the presidential term just increase while I was out for dinner or something? How about eight years? Never mind, eight, ya gotta make it to the first four, Barack…or is that just a technicality?

Right now, considering how damaged the Republican brand is, with Obama’s enormous financial and press advantage, how is it that he’s in a dead heat with Senator McCain? I mean, he should be 20 points ahead, shouldn’t he?

Hank Sheinkopf, a respected political consultant, was interviewed on Lou Dobbs radio show last week, and said Obama ‘just needs to keep his head down and his mouth shut till the Conventioin and then he’ll get a bump.’ Wow. I thought we wanted to hear Senator Obama speak. I thought his strength was his communication skills. Maybe the first term is not such a sure thing after all.

Perhaps that is why Obama is terrified to face John McCain at a town hall meeting.

Hell, he won’t even meet with his own press corps. You know, the ones who aren’t allowed to wear green.

From Andrea Mitchell on Hardball, July 21st:

Let me just say something about the message management. He didn’t have reporters with him, he didn’t have a press pool, he didn’t do a press conference while he was on the ground in either Afghanistan or Iraq. What you’re seeing is not reporters brought in. You’re seeing selected pictures taken by the military, questions by the military, and what some would call fake interviews, because they’re not interviews from a journalist. So, there’s a real press issue here. Politically it’s smart as can be. But we’ve not seen a presidential candidate do this, in my recollection, ever before.

Don’t complain Andrea – you vomited all over Hillary at every turn so you could help this guy get the nomination. Happy now?

Maybe if the press corps asks Senator Obama what his favorite color is and wears that, they’ll actually be granted a real press conference and get to ask, you know, like eight questions or something?

And now the ultimate insult. Senator Obama has put his logo on a plane that is flying overseas instead of the American flag. We have troops risking their lives every day. He is there representating our country and by America’s leave, with America’s protection. We fly our colors.

Does he think he is bigger than the United States of America?

I find this man and his campaign so deeply offensive, words fail at his latest act of hubris and disrespect. So I will simply end here.

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