Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Michelle Obama Should Save Her Breath

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By Un coup de des

Barack Obama believes his wife, Michelle Obama, will convince women to vote for her sexist husband. I quote CBS2 News Chicago:

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports Michelle Obama gave a speech Monday at the Palmer House Hilton, at an event called “Women for Obama.” But the message was clearly aimed at women for Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Obama walked into the room to a standing ovation. Most of the people in attendance were longtime Barack Obama supporters, but the candidate’s wife made it clear she was here to court the new supporters. And she did so by praising her husband’s former opponent.

“My husband is a better candidate because of her,” Michelle Obama said. “My daughters will look at themselves differently because of her. All of our children, our girls, will believe in the possibility of something bigger because of her.”

Someone please remind Michelle that relegating an eminently qualified woman to the role of supporter of the hopelessly unqualified man will not cajole women voters to support her husband. Someone also explain to Michelle that women are concerned with women’s rights, not with the manner whereby the Obama daughters perceive themselves. And please remind Michelle that a woman who allows her husband to accompany her to a job interview in order to determine if he approves of her boss is in now way qualified to discuss women’s rights and women’s issues.

Our intelligence will not be insulted. And no, unfounded statements gratuitously embedded in news reports will not convince us to support Barack Obama. I quote CBS2 News:

Michelle Obama is an articulate professional in her own right, and a role model herself.

Articulate professionals who serve as role models do not utter the following statements in public:

They also do not exploit misogyny for electoral and personal gain.

And no, Michelle, “good families” do not force their children to attend a God Damn America church in inner city Chicago wherein the pastor humps the altar and issues death threats from the pulpit. They also do not allow convicted slumlords named Antoin “Tony” Rezko to help them purchase their “own house.”

Michelle Obama can attempt to dupe the women and Hillary supporters she “wants,” but we will not budge, for we do not support sexist candidates whose spouses view women as a cache of voters to be manipulated and exploited. Insulting Hillary for her husband’s improprieties at a Women for Obama before the primary only to spin on your heals a year later with your praise for her ability to buttress your husband’s political ambitions after the primary reveals that you and those who handle you believe we have very short memories. Our memories are long, very long, however. And we will never forget that you betrayed your sex in order to secure the nomination of an unqualified man who believes men should vet their wives’ employers.

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