Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Told You So!: Hillary Says Nay to FISA

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I hate to say it, but, we told you so!

Senator Obama joined with many other cowardly Democrats, and voted to gut the Constitution and trample upon our 4th Amendment rights.

[Please click on the above photo for a hilarious, yet sobering video]

There were 28 Nay votes for Cloture, and 26 Nay votes for passage. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was amongst the nays. Sadly, and ironically, the Democratic(?) Presumptuous Selectee, who claims to be a “Constitutional Law Professor,” promised new politics, and even promised to filibuster FISA, caved and not only supported Cloture, which ended the chance for a filibuster, but also voted for retroactive immunity for Telecommunications companies that were complicit with President Bush in his illegal and warrant-less domestic spying. That’s certainly change you can believe in.

There is still time to get this right; still time to nominate the truer Democrat, the truer progressive. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a true progressive, a true Democrat who stands for the principles of the Party. We only need 175 more true progressive, Democrats to stand with her at the Convention.

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