Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Elitist Dean and "The Low Class"

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...from Jyoti Friedland, Charlotte Front and Center, a Puma Lady, who confronted Howard Dean

This is an excerpt from the newspaper, Charlotte Observer, when Howard Dean visited Charlotte , NC on 25th of July as part of his tour program: Shouts of protest continued intermittently. When Dean mentioned what he called “the biggest job for President Obama,” they hollered, “He’s not the president!”
Speaking to reporters later on his bus,he dismissed the protesters.
“I’m not sure all of them are Clinton supporters,” he said. Some of them are having fun at the Democrats’ expense. I think shouting during somebody’s speech is low class.”

Wow! We’re “low class” . I believe his words were so calculating because he knew no AA were with us that afternoon. Imagine if there were, it becomes racist and the AA community would rise and there would be a pandemonium. But since we’re an "old" bunch of ladies, “low class” was appropriate for us. Hey, Coward Dean, remember what else we hollered, “I will not fall in line, I own my vote.”

Through the auspices of our leader, and a bunch of "old" but wiser ladies from http://www.Charlottefrontandcenter, Asheville, and Greenville , we were able to have a dignified coup to express our freedom of speech and freedom to assembly. I thought I’ve got thick skin and would never be affected by this; you know that I cried..... I know this is so silly compared to the maltreatment thrown to Hillary, so my message is now to Howard Dean, I hold grudges and I will get even in the general election...Jyoti

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