Thursday, July 24, 2008

Proof of a Mainstream Media Pro-Obama Bias?

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The Washington Times reports the results of a Rasmussen Poll on citizen perceptions regarding the fairness of media coverage of the presidential campaign:

"...a new Rasmussen Reports survey showed nearly 60 percent of voters say Mr. Obama gets better treatment from journalists. Nearly half of voters - 49 percent - said reporters would help Mr. Obama, compared with 14 percent who said Mr. McCain benefited from friendly coverage.

"The Rasmussen survey suggested the perceived trend is intensifying, with those seeing a pro-Obama slant jumping 5 percentage points from last month while views regarding Mr. McCain stayed the same."

A margin of that magnitude is fairly compelling evidence of the bias in favor of Obama that most of us know exists.

One of the problems for the mainstream media is that, as Obama continues to attract increasing amounts of scrutiny-- as he should-- more citizens will become aware that he is not what he has represented himself to be, nor is he what the media portrays him to be.

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