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False Charges of Racism

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By Soldier4Hillary

To the NAACP, African American Elected Officials, Move On, & Color of Change Org, African American Delegates & Super Delegates

A Question

Remember Fannie Lou Hamer?

Who in 1964 addressed the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Who lost her job as a timekeeper on a cotton plantation when she attempted to register to vote in 1962. Who traveled 26 miles to the county courthouse to try to register to become a first class citizen. Who was fired after working 18 years in the same place. When the man she worked for spoke to her before she left, stating ‘ We are not ready yet for this in Mississippi’. And she turned and stated, ‘ I didn’t register for you, I tried to register for myself.’

Or Victoria Gray who registered to vote six times before it was accepted. But even though she were registered, the next step was participation. So when the time came for the Democratic party precinct and county meetings, her and others were set to attend. But all type of games were played from the schedules and the places were deliberately misrepresented. They would get there and nothing was happening. Or the meeting was commencing and they wouldn’t permit them to come in. They realized that even with the right to vote, they were not going to get anywhere if they couldn’t participate in the meetings.

So when she and others were barred from the attending and participating in the Mississippi Democratic Party, they decided in 1963 to hold their own mock election between: NAACP state president Aaron Henry as the candidate for Governor and white Tougaloo College Chaplain Edwing King, the candidate for Lieutenant Governor. They had white students from Yale and Stanford who took two weeks off from school to help canvass black neighborhoods for the Freedom Vote. On election day over eighty thousand blacks cast their ballots. This was Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964. The ‘Representation and the Right to Participate’.

Never. Never in my lifetime would I have thought to see black elected officials allow the history of the African American community be used for political gain. I call on all Civil Rights Leaders and Activists no matter what color, creed, demographic, you may come from to put a stop to this and to not allow this to play out and continue. They are destroying everything people worked and died to achieve. That fought to not be judged based on the color of their skin. They fought to overcome racial bias. They fought to be able to one day stand in a country that wasn’t racked with attempts of segregation that didn’t allow for fair representation. This is not their message.

Labels of racism applied to achieve a goal was not their message. Using words of ‘racism’ when people ask questions or make comments in regards to experience was not their message. To stand aside and allow this to continue, to give the appearance that racism is being applied to Senator Barack Obama will be the undoing of everything we have fought against. I will not stand by and silently allow anyone to achieve a goal such as this for those who died fighting for something they knew they would never see in their lifetime. Pushing race relations back in this way by promoting to make choices on race alone will have a backlash that will bring down our communities. Emails such as this is not the message they advocated for or intended:

Dear MoveOn member,

Over 428,000 people have signed a petition telling FOX to stop their racist and hate-filled smears against Barack Obama. If we hit half-a-million signatures, we can draw media attention and put pressure on FOX’s advertisers.

Plus, Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films released a video this morning documenting FOX’s ongoing smears against Michelle Obama. Please check out the video, and then sign the petition calling on FOX to stop peddling racism—and then tell your friends.

FOX is shameless: in the last several weeks alone, they’ve “confused” Obama’s name with Osama’s, referred to Michelle as “Obama’s Baby Mama,” and called an affectionate
fist bump by Barack and Michelle a “terrorist fist jab.”

Our partners at will hold a major event next week to deliver boxes and boxes of petition signatures to FOX’s headquarters. If we can deliver half-a-million signatures, other media outlets will have a powerful story to report—and FOX’s advertisers will get the hint that it’s not a good idea to associate their products with FOX’s hate-speech. Thanks for helping to fight the right-wing smears.

–Adam G.
Paid for by “Wexler for Congress”

To the black elected officials: How dare you. How dare you stand aside and stand down ruining the message activists fought for and marched alongside people such as Martin Luther King to promote a man who walked beside people such as Ayers and Rezko.

It’s not about forgetting where you came from, it’s about learning from it so you won’t be blinded to where your going. You have Congressman such as Robert Wexler sending emails promoting the theme of racism. You do your communities no justice by allowing this to become a tool to gain 1600 Penn Ave. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I will raise an Army to march against you before I see any of you utilize this as an attempt to get Senator Obama in the White House.

This country is diverse with people from all walks of life who have the same wants and needs despite whatever color, shape, or size they may be. But you will not put Senator Barack Obama in the White House based on scare tactics of racism. You will not destroy what has been built by those who have spent their lifetime fighting for their communities.

It’s time to throw many of you self serving officials under the closest bus and bring in some new leaders with the courage and the backbone to stand up to the majority. Better yet, consider yourself thrown. You are willing to allow politicians such as Robert Wexler, to change the definition of ‘racism’ to achieve a goal? To allow messages such as this because it coincides with your agenda? Or do you lack the spine to tell this politician that there is no truth to his words? I will be putting my leave in today. I can no longer in good conscious and faith sit quietly aside and watch this continue to play out. I will go out and do what you refuse to do and tell them what you don’t want them to know. They have a right to ask questions. So many are blinded by their own personal gain they are unable to see what is about to happen before them.

False labels of racism throughout this last year has caused damage that now makes the words almost meaningless for those who actually go through it. It has ruined the chances of other African Americans to attain higher political positions because the damage wrought from calling those who do not agree or those who ask questions and labeled, racist will forever be in the minds of the voters as well as their colleagues. It sickens me to my soul to look at the desperate attempts of a political party to win by any means necessary by utilizing the one thing guaranteed to pave the way for Senator Obama in the black community and this country by labeling everyone ‘racist’ who questions his words or actions.

Robert Wexler will not use my back as a path to put Senator Barack Obama on 1600 Penn Ave. The audacity of this campaign has no bounds. They are promoting racial divide at every turn, in the media, constant focus to stir the emotions of those who have experienced true racial divide in their own lives. I have been called by those of my very own race, the same ones screaming racism now. From House Nigger for supporting Senator Clinton, to being told I should be tied up in a bag and thrown in the closest river and the next time I deployed to Iraq to not come back. And when I corrected a supporter on Senator Obama’s vote he did not have in the Senate on Iraq, I was told : I hope you die you stupid cu*t the next time you deploy to Iraq for supporting the cu*t who sent you there.

I have fought a battle daily not for myself, but for those who are unable to speak for themselves. Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy and the path to the White House is no exception. For those black elected officials that are selling out their communities by allowing people such as Robert Wexler, the media and these organizations to promote the theme of ‘racism’ as a political strategy, one day your jobs will be replaced.

The countdown starts today. For those who place color as a determining factor in electing any government official is throwing away their chance to have a voice in this country. You can only be a victim but for so long before being held accountable for your own actions and words. You ask nothing, see nothing in regards to Senator Obama other than the color of the hand before you. You find no fault in allowing those to use your history, our history as a political strategy and tool.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Maryland,the largest groups in the south east and mid atlantic regions of African Americans. 81.2 billion dollars worth of damage effected both Louisiana & parts of Mississippi by hurricane Katrina and so many wanted the government do more. 80,000 Jobs lost in June around our country.

Nationally, gas costs is 4.06 for unleaded, over 47 million don’t have health care, over 100,000 people each year die because of medical errors. And because of high health insurance premiums, millions of workers have no health insurance coverage because many employers cannot afford to provide health benefits. And you base your decision only on race? You have a choice. You have the ability to become part of the process, and to throw it away on frivolous means affects the lives of millions.

Rev Al Sharpton, you used false scare tactics by stating people will riot if something is ‘taken away’ from Senator Barack Obama. Today, for every single person who is struggling to make ends meet. Who just lost their home. Who have just lost their job. For those who have lost their homes and their jobs. You are no longer needed. It is time for us to get rid of of our so called Civil Rights Leaders who do more for politicians than the people, just to hear their own sound bytes. Rev Al Sharpton, for instilling the fear of ‘riots’, using this tactic to coerce those to a specific goal and causing a political atmosphere based on race and labels of racism, in the African American community. You are now our weakest link. Goodbye. Better yet, take Jesse Jackson Jr with you. Instead of educating the masses by explaining how the process works. By not explaining the nomination process. By not explaining the fact that the title of ‘presumptive’ comes with the required amount of Delegates and NOT based on a mixture of Delegates and Super Delegates. You have catered to those on the left, and talked from the side of your mouth to those on the right.

Yes, this election will be historical. Historical because so many have attempted to allow people and organizations such as Move On, Robert Wexler & the Democratic Party rewrite and destroy our history.

Members of the Democratic Party. Your party will fall on this chosen course. Your attempts to utilize the media to dictate the course of this election will be met with resistance. I see through the attempts to use the current world tour overseas by your nominee as a means to give foreign policy credit in one week or less. Their is not a instant guide on gaining experience. The media is currently playing to your agenda. From reporting news on CNN as if attacks are linked to the visit of Senator Barack Obama, to the constant repetition of the ‘Being Black in America’ series played consecutively on CNN. I see through it all. You care nothing for this country, because if you did the attempts to manipulate information, use the media to further your goal would not be relevant. A country that we are fighting in and deploying to, your candidate called a ‘distraction’. That ‘distraction’ has people dying. That ‘distraction’ is where we continue to deploy. You understand nothing of what we do. We are the ones whose blood, sweat and tears of our loved ones, are the ones who have been there in that country from day one. And you pay more attention to the foreign nationals words than to give us an ounce of credit for a job well done, although still not completed.

‘Success is how you look at it?’ Those are your nominee’s words. You refuse to give us an ounce of respect. Your ignorance is your undoing. I recommend picking up the book: ‘The Dummies Guide for the Democratic Party on Understanding Why only a Dummy Would put a Date on a Redeployment Timeline for the Military when You have No Idea What will change on Ground’ and the companion guide, ‘The Dummies Guide to how the Enemy wins When they know your Redeployment Timeline’. As I watch and witness how far and how hard the rights of Americans, ‘right to choose’, in this election is being manipulated to benefit your needs. Righteous fury run through my veins when I think how hard so many people have worked to give many of us the rights we have today, and those who have died for all our freedoms. Word of advice to one and all: Foreign policy experts are not made overnight, and leaders are born and not made.

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