Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama supporters: "that's racist!"

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I received this email today, highlighting once again, how anyone who speaks out against Obama is racist. This is seriously just TOO MUCH!

Dear Sara,

Last week I forwarded you an important email from MoveOn, regarding FOX's use of language against Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle. Many thousands of you joined the petition, and for that I thank you. Below is an update on that campaign that was sent earlier this week.

With great respect,
Congressman Robert Wexler

Dear MoveOn member,

Over 428,000 people have signed a petition telling FOX to stop their racist and hate-filled smears against Barack Obama. If we hit half-a-million signatures, we can draw media ttention and put pressure on FOX's advertisers.

Plus, Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films released a video this morning documenting FOX's ongoing smears against Michelle Obama. Please check out the video, and then sign the petition calling on FOX to stop peddling racism—and then tell your friends. Just click here: Click here

Here's the link:

FOX is shameless: in the last several weeks alone, they've "confused" Obama's name with Osama's, referred to Michelle as "Obama's Baby Mama," and called an affectionate fist bump by Barack and Michelle a "terrorist fist jab."

Our partners at will hold a major event next week to deliver boxes and boxes of petition signatures to FOX's headquarters. If we can deliver half-a-million signatures, other media outlets will have a powerful story to report—and FOX's advertisers will get the hint that it's not a good idea to associate their products with FOX's hate-speech. Thanks for helping to fight the right-wing smears.

–Adam G.
Paid for by "Wexler for Congress"

This was my reply:

First of all, MANY people in the media have accidently confused Obama with Osama, including Ted Kennedy. And CNN, and MSNBC. And Obama events. It has even happened in Italy, when someone called Barack, Obama bin Laden.

ALL the media talked about for years was Osama Bin Laden. It is normal that it would be a slip up every now and then.

And not that I spend a lot of time defending Bill O'Reilly, but he said he did NOT want to start a lynching party on MO after her statements that she made about not being proud of her country.

And thirdly, Michelle called Obama her baby daddy, and that is where FOX got the idea.

Oh, also, Eddie Hill, as shown in your video, was listing all of the names the *fist bump* had been called, once Michelle and Obama were seen doing it.

I suggest you focus on more important issues than continuing this idiotic drive to label ANYONE who opposes Obama as racist.

Obama is the one who drew the race card first. Obama is the one who labeled the Clinton's and their supporters racist. Why don't you address THOSE issues. Not some fake contrived *attacks* by the right. These attacks have been coming from the Obama camp. Not the right, but the far left. The media and the Obama camp.

I have unsubscribed from these emails. This is so ridiculous.

Once again the message from the Obama camp

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