Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama believes himself to be the second coming….

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By American Girl in Italy

Could he BE any more arrogant? Do you think Obama makes kissy faces in the mirror in the morning?

Check out his latest statement:

Obama’s Symbolic Importance
By Jonathan Weisman
Perhaps he’s beginning to believe the hype.

In his closed door meeting with House Democrats this evening, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama delivered a real zinger. According to a witness, he was waxing lyrical about last week’s trip to Europe, when he concluded, “this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for.”

The 200,000 souls who thronged to his speech in Berlin came not just for him, he told the enthralled audience of congressional representatives*.

“I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” he said.


This guy, who openly admits to illegal drug use, has Reverend Meeks, Reverend Wright, and Father Phleger as his spiritual leaders, hangs out with terrorist William Ayers, is best bussies and does illegal business with slumlord Tony Rezko, has an American-hating wife who complains constantly about America, makes sexist attacks on the Former First lady, pays his female staff members less than their male counterarts, calls women *sweetie* and offers up kisses for votes, tells reporters that the *vibrating* in his pocket is *just his cell phone*, makes up fake Presidential seals, and play acts that he is already President, removes the American flag from his lapel pin, his airplane, and (which I now believe) doesn’t place his hand over his heart for the National Anthem, cancels trips to visit wounded Iraq vets, because he can’t bring a camera, flip flops on major party policies, lies to the American people, and HE is the symbol of America returning to the best of our traditions????

What the hell does he think we are like NOW? He does NOT like America, does he.

He is our only hope of returning us to our best traditions? Lord help us all…

*Yes, they came not just for Obama, but the advertised Free Concert by two of Berlin’s hottest bands, free beer and food helped drawa in those 200,000 adoring fans who swarmed to see Obama. Similar to the free concert in Portland.

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