Monday, July 28, 2008

Party leadership, Obama rejected by these Dems

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By Dylan Asdale

We know very little about Barack Obama, but we do know he is unwilling to take a firm stance on issues.

He said he would accept public financing for the general election, and later rejected it.

He voted in favor of the government's eavesdropping program and legal immunity for telecommunications companies after promising his supporters he would reject it.

He advocates both an individual's right to own a gun and the government's right to regulate ownership.

He assured America he would negotiate a better deal with NAFTA and then winked to the Canadian government that this was simply political posturing.

He assured his supporters he would pull all American troops out of Iraq immediately. Now he calls this impossible.

The list is endless.

I am a member of PUMA PAC (People United Means Action), a group of citizens who favored Hillary Clinton and are motivated by belief that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has abrogated its responsibility to represent the interests of all Democrats in all 50 states. I and thousands of other PUMA members will not vote for Obama, the DNC's selected, not elected, nominee.

Dylan Asdale

PUMA PAC Democrat

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