Thursday, July 31, 2008

An e-mail, with perspective, from a reader

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By SusanUnPC

When Obama starts reaching for the race card for no apparent reason you know he is against the wall and has run out of options.

I have told people that Obama is not just going to lose, but he is going to lose in a landslide:

That world tour may have impressed the Grey Goose drinkers but it had the opposite effect on the Crown Royal drinkers.
His complete lack of experience (my son at 27 has far more accomplishments).
The unchecked and overwhelming support from mainstream media is having a backlash.
His energy policy of inflating tires, getting a tune-up and waiting 20-30 years for his development of alternative energies (see his website) will not only make him lose but he could take Congress with him.
His association with Jeremiah Wright.
In ‘92 I made a bet with a GOP lobbyist friend of mine over the Clinton/Bush election. Instead of betting him on win/lose I bet him on Clinton winning and winning what states he will win. I actually won that bet (lucky).

As much as Hillary would have beaten McCain convincingly the GOP knows they were handed a gift with Obama. There is a woman I know who is GOP operative who would have taken a pass on McCain had the Democrats nominated Hillary. But with Obama she and others are energized to prevent a catastrophe.

McCain will be a one term President and this time Dems won’t be stupid. Hillary in 2012.

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