Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain Ads: Media Love Affair With Obama

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By Uppity Woman

The McCain campaign has ad that shows the fawning, drooling, mental-copulating love affair the ObamaMedia is having with Barack Obama—all at the expense of bringing you any real news unless it’s Good Obama News. I do hope the MSM Obama whores enjoy watching how foolish and sophomoric they look and sound. This is especially so for those three Obama Ho’s who accompanied him on his World Tour de Farce.

Now the ad comes in two flavors and they are asking viewers to pick the one they like best. The ads are identical—except for the music. The choices are “You’re Just Too Good Too Be True–Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You” and “My Eyes Adore You“.

One of these ads will make it to Prime Time. Please go to and cast your vote as to which song best suits watching a bunch of “self-respecting” women reporters on a plane straining to look at Barack Obama’s crotch in jeans–while the “professional” and “classy” man who wants to become and be taken seriously as a Leader of The World Knows It and positions himself accordingly.

When you look at all these clips together, it’s difficult to believe that somebody didn’t make this shit up. It’s also not difficult to understand why we still don’t know anything real about this guy other than the fact that he can sink a long ball and bowls badly.

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