Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey! Who Let Reality In??

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By Uppity Woman

I was just catching FOX News and it appears Obama demanded to know how it is that FOX got hookups in all those military bases where he performed his shameless photo opportunities? It seems paranoid Narcissist Obama believed it was by Presidential Executive Order that his reverie and comfort with his Worship Trip was interrupted by the potential that somebody might actually capture and report something that isn’t set up as a photo op a not-so-Kodak moment about the Great One.

As it turns out, the troops get to request which news outlets they prefer and FOX is always included. Yes, Barack, sometimes you just can’t control everything around your own self-absorbed world. Sometimes, people get choices. I know this is hard for you to believe, since your entire candidacy has been an Axelrod production.

FOX just happens to be very popular over there in the war zones. You see, Barack, the men and women over there are tired and weary, and their lives are in danger daily.

Watching a media creation preen and prance around like a rooster with nary a dirt smudge on him, as he continues his quest to Know Nothing and be in Charge of the Everything and Everybody in the World, isn’t all that impressive to them. In fact, in some quarters over there, this is exactly the kind of person they are fighting against. In short, they make it possible for an arrogant self-impressed ass like yourself to safely prance around the world pretending to be Presidential, telling everybody anything they need to hear, while terrorist organizations guard your Precious Self.

Speaking of Obama’s well developed habit of talking out of both sides of his mouth while he’s on his “Foreign Policy Experience Tour,” perhaps he might want to take a break from his self-worship and take a look at what others really think of his Duplicitous Pandering.

Somebody reminded me of the Truman Show and I just can’t get that movie out of my mind as I watch this Obama traveling carnival Brotherlove Traveling Salvation Show. I can’t help but think that this overseas gig (and that’s what it is for this guy–a gig) is the longest running free TV commercial for a Presidential candidate in American history. And just think, we taxpayers are paying for a good deal of this “Senatorial” trip. God forbid a news outlet that wasn’t hand picked should show up to break the endless loop of Obama Fellatio News.

That brings me to the Brave Obamaian World video. It just seems like a natural progression to this fantasy carnival, don’t you agree?

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