Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Associated Press’ Obama Propaganda

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Wow…. this is “objective journalism” ?? You have got to be kidding.

Barack Obama sported a flag lapel pin and talked up patriotism Monday as he campaigned in blue-collar West Virginia. He also shot a solid game of pool.

The Illinois senator concedes he will lose Tuesday’s West Virginia primary to Hillary Rodham Clinton, probably by a wide margin. But the coal-mining state might be a good backdrop for some of his longer-range goals nonetheless, such as battling claims that he’s insufficiently patriotic and, more frivolously, that he’s lousy at sports beyond basketball.

Obama, after his Charleston speech, stopped at Schultzie’s Billiards hall. In his shirt sleeves and tie, he showed much greater skill at pool than he had shown at bowling during a much-lampooned stop last month in Pennsylvania.

As a small crowd oohed and ahhed at his third consecutive good shot, Obama said his talent at billiards was ‘‘the sign of a misspent youth. I wasn’t doing wholesome things like bowling.’’

Asked by a local reporter how he would deal with voters who think he is ‘‘un-American,’’ Obama said that if people follow the news, ‘‘they’ll know that I’m a practicing Christian. They’ll know that my grandfather fought in World War II and I was raised to love America. And all these phony e-mails talking how I don’t pledge allegiance are just political smears.’’

I wonder if the AP “reporter” had an orgasm after writing this?

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