Sunday, July 6, 2008


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by Lynette Long

I feel BETRAYED by Oprah Winfrey who told me, I as a woman could do anything, and then supported Barack Obama. She never even had Hillary on her show.

I feel BETRAYED by CNN who portrays itself as a National News Network, yet became a daily pep rally for Obama and threw all notions of journalism out the window.

I feel BETRAYED by Nancy Keenan, the President of NARAL, who three weeks before the end of the primary endorsed Barack Obama when Hillary has done the most for women's reproductive rights.

I feel BETRAYED by Ellen Malcom, the head of Emily’s List, who as soon as Clinton conceded, switched her loyalty to Obama and who pushed for his at her majority council meeting.

I feel BETRAYED by NOW, the Feminist Majority, and all the other Women’s groups that did not storm the news networks during the primary or speak more aggressively against sexism.

I feel BETRAYED by Clinton supporters, who tell me I have to vote Democratic.

I feel BETRAYED by Clinton’s big donors who give money to Barak Obama.

I feel BETRAYED by my friends who are voting for Obama.

I feel SAD for Hillary Clinton who did not understand that we would stand behind her, repay her debt and elect her president with or without the Democratic Party.

Let me be perfectly clear. Barack Obama did not win the Democratic Primary, he stole it. Hillary Clinton and the women of this country have been minimized, marginalized, and abused by the DNC, the main stream media and the male patriarchy. You do not surrender to abuse. You do not go back home thinking it will be different next time. It will not be different. You cannot go back home. You can never go home. You have to create a new home. Power comes from saying NO, not from reconciliation.
"He needs to show he's gotten over it," Schneider said.

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Matt said...

I am a 42 year old white male, and I couldn't agree with you more. Your assessment of the media is dead on.