Thursday, July 17, 2008

Contact These Superdelegates

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By Imv

Just how did Barack Obama rack up so many superdelegates? Why did only a fraction of supers in Obama states support Hillary while so many supers in Clinton states were brazen enough to support the upstart their constituents had rejected? Follow the money, honey. (Democrats cost so little these days.)

Obama and his minions carried on for months about honoring the people’s vote. Well, guess what? Hillary won the popular vote (and YES, I am including Florida and Michigan where millions voted) and she won more big states. That means she won more congressional districts and counties. So, if Obama wants us to honor the people’s vote, why did almost 200 supers representing Clinton states or districts support Obama? It’s time they honored the people’s vote.

Using data from (superdelegate transparency project), I created the spreadsheet below. PUMAs, this is your list of superdelegates who betrayed Hillary, their constituents, and us, the Democratic voters. There are 190 names below! Are your elected officials on it? Find out! Contact them! Remind them that you don’t have to support them at the ballot box. We need 175 patriots to come to their senses before Denver – 175 off of this list – which means most. Get going!

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