Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Corporate Media Role

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Even the Wright controversy was performed by the media to Obama's advantage.

The establishment media never called Obama on his lying about his relationship with Wright. There was no digging into Salem Baptist and Reverend James Meeks or St. Sabina's Catholic Church and Revered Michael Pfleger. There was no investigative pieces showing how Obama spent two decades deeply immersed in the south-side Chicago radical community (FOX News is the exception). The press played the central role in allowing Obama to falsely pass off his relationship with Wright as fleeting and superficial.

When Obama gave his unremarkable speech on race (unremarkable except where he essentially claimed that racism isn't much of a problem anymore and that those who say it is are emotional basket cases), the media touted it as the best speech of a generation.

When Wright resurfaced, the media gave Obama advice: "Angrily denounce him, Barack, and everything will be okay." So Obama dutifully angrily denounced him (albeit with all the passion of Mr. Spock) and the press extolled Obama's virtue to white people and America.

It was obvious that the corporations that control the media (e.g. AP, MSNBC) were determined to keep Hillary Clinton from winning the nomination. They have engineered the nomination of the weakest possible candidate.

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