Thursday, July 17, 2008


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By Ricki (NY)

I want a Democrat in the White House. At the Convention, the sole job of the delegates will be to select the person who is electable in November.

That person is Hillary Clinton. During the primary process BO did not “close the deal” with primary voters. The more voters got to know BO, the more votes Senator Clinton received. By the time she suspended, not ended, her campaign, she led in the popular vote, in the blue states and swing states needed to win the Electoral College, and in the polls against McCain.

She won convincingly wherever one-person-one-vote was the principle of the voting process; she did not prevail in the caucuses - one of the least democratic voting methods imaginable - no secret ballot, limited access, no absentee ballots…

Senator Clinton has the best, most progressive stance on issues of importance to Democrats - truly universal, affordable health care; sensible mortgage relief to avoid the dissolution of our communities; universal pre-k and greater access to high education; energy independence; investments in infrastructure, urban regeneration, stem cell research and other scientific explorations… she has the connections to and the admiration of the world leaders and populations desperate for strong leadership from the United States…

We know Senator Clinton’s record, her ability to bring people together, her intelligence, humor, and that she is a caring person who has worked unceasingly for women, children and families. We know that she understands the issues and nuances of the middle east and has been a proven friend of Israel and other democratic allies.

We know so little of BO, other than he rose meteorically from the south side of Chicago politics, and gives a good speech.

We know that he stood by silently as the media and his own campaign degraded women and the candidacy of Senator Clinton. We know that he encouraged undemocratic practices such as snatching votes and delegates in Florida and Michigan. We know that his associates and friends are not those we would be comfortable bringing home to mother.

Clinton delegates - please hold tight. Do not give up your seat or believe anyone who tells you that Hillary has conceded or ended her campaign. She has suspended her campaign. At a minimum, we must be sure that the Democratic platform reflects her values and programs. We want her to be nominated, speak and to have a roll call.

If BO is the nominee of the party, we will have plenty of time to decide if he has earned the 18 million votes and support of Clinton campaign volunteers.
If he has failed to “close the deal”, we will be there to remind the delegates that their only job is to nominate the ELECTABLE candidate in order to restore the White House to the Democrats.


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