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Et Tu, Brute?

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So yesterday, I was watching The Ellen Show, as is my daily wont. Will Smith was on, and during the course of the interview, Ellen said that maybe Obama should pick SMITH to be his running mate. Ahem. Ellen Degeneres is a BIG Clinton supporter. Not only has she had Clinton on a BUNCH, but she has been in public with her. Here's the thing: if a BIG Clinton supporter like ELLEN is buying this meme about Obama's inevitablitity, what does that say about the regular folk?!?! What it says is that AxelRove and the MSM have done an outstanding job of framing this narrative to exclude any chances for Clinton. Frankly, that makes me angry, and ill. It makes me angry that the Obama campaign, Obama HIMSELF, the DNC, and the MSM have worked SO hard to force Clinton out of this exceedingly close contest. But they are doing their damndest to shove her out, diminish her AND her 17 million supporters, manipulate the numbers from MI and FL, and they think we will join back up in November? Um, no. Not me, anyway. Not after their horrible treatment of Clinton and us (Bill Clinton spoke to the way in which Hillary has been treated - I'll try to post the video. He sums it up beautifully.).

AxelRove and Co. are doing this based in large part on the success Obama had in the very UNdemocratic caucus states. had an EXCELLENT post today on this issue, including some VERY interesting numbers of how few people are determining this election comparatively speaking. The post, Caucuses v. Primaries, focuses on an outstanding report by P. Cronin, and includes data such as:
34 Primary States -32.4 Million Votes
13 Caucus States -1.1 Million Votes
3.2% of the vote controls 15.5% of the delegate selection for the 2008 Democratic Convention

And this from P. Cronin's results: "Washington allocated its 78 pledged delegates at a ratio of 2:1 [67% to 33%] and Obama got 52 versus Clinton’s 26. He gained 26 delegates. If the pledged delegates had been allocated according to the primary results, Obama would have won roughly 41 delegates compared to Clinton’s 37. He would be gained only 4 delegates. Bottom line: The caucus vs. primary election benefited Obama by a net 22 delegates – 14.5% of the 152 pledged delegates separating the two."

That is to say: "35 Primaries with 33.8 million voters have Clinton leading in both votes and delegates.

Caucuses with 1.1 million voters gave Obama 300,000 more votes and 193 more delegates.

....After 47 state elections to date, Obama leads Clinton by 152 pledged delegates. 97% of the difference – 148 delegates – is directly attributable to lopsided victories in caucus contests."

This is a FUNDAMENTAL problem. Clinton HAS won more votes, and has won the big states the Democrats NEED to win to regain the White House. A lot of Obama's caucus wins are in VERY Red states, and states that are highly unlikely to go Blue in November. And those wins are fraught with major problems that I have discussed here before, especially the intimidation and cheating, which compound the problems of having so few people have so much weight in the primary itself. Never mind the people caucuses EXCLUDE - they take a lot of time, and only people who HAVE a lot of time, and are in good enough health, can attend. Wow. Go read the post, and the actual article. Again, here's the link: Caucses b. Primaries It is well worth it.

Just a reminder that May 31st is when the Rules Committee of the DNC will consider FL and MI. It is IMEPRATIVE that the DNC handle this appropriately, or risk losing them both in November. That means, GIVE CLINTON HER DAMN WINS ALREADY!!!!! Anything else is just a sham. Seriously. Obama doesn't deserve a damn thing more than the actual votes cast for him.

Puerto Rico votes on June 1 (a Sunday - gee - think that means more people get to VOTE?!?!). Clinton should do well. This will add to her popular vote total. The SuperDelegates MUST pay attention to this, and to the Electoral College Map. Clinton wins it HANDILY - over 300 votes. Obama? Nope - he cannot hit the 270 number. But McCAIN will over Obama. SUPERDELEGATES - DO YOUR JOBS!! Pick the one who can WIN!!! And who, conveniently, will be the BEST candidate!!!! Just sayin'...

Don't give up on Hillary. She hasn't given up on us.

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A.M. said...

Bravo. I'm in the process of making political protest postcards to mail to whomever you think needs to see them.

Once I have a few of them online I think the concept could take off.