Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The False Rhetoric of "Party Unity"

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You can't hide stealing votes from Clinton with the rhetoric of "party unity." All day yesterday we heard about "bringing the party together." Obviously, the people who voted to manipulate the process in favor of Barack Obama are not concerned with bringing the party together. They are dividing the Democratic Party by working every angle they can to make Obama the nominee.

Obama will not win enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. It's mathematically impossible. That means the superdelegates will decide the election. I strongly suspect that Obama already has the superdelegates he needs to win. They are waiting for Wednesday so they can roll them out to humiliate Hillary Clinton. The Obama campaign has organized a political theater for our viewing displeasure.

But isn't it amazing that Clinton, in the face of relentless media bashing, has trounced Obama since Super Tuesday? It shows how strong a candidate she is that Democrats want her to be their nominee even though the party elite and the corporate media establishment wants Obama. Indeed, Obama won early because people didn't know him well enough. Since knowing him better, despite the media's work to rehabilitate his character, the momentum has shifted to Clinton.

I call on superdelegates to honor the will of the people. Though your votes behind Hillary Clinton so the Democratic Party can put forward the best candidate in November and win this thing.

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