Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hillary couldn't get past the bias

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In spite of the blatantly obvious bias and negativism that Hillary was subjected to by the media and others, many people refuse to acknowledge the fact that it existed.

Apparently, many people in this country still feel threatened by an intelligent and ambitious woman.

Interestingly, "Obama ponders military leaders for VP - Barack Obama is considering former top Pentagon leaders [i.e., retired military generals] among his running mates, which would address his lack of foreign policy experience," as reported by the Associated Press this morning.

How likely is a retired military general going to be in favor of ending the war in Iraq, or against beginning a war elsewhere? How naive can BHO be?

So what happened to his belief that the Capitol had to be scourged of "old" members in order to elicit this change he constantly speaks of? It apparently doesn't apply to former top Pentagon military leaders.

Oh, and BHO is already planning to be President for a second term, "when the Olympics come to Chicago."

It will be interesting to note how quickly he is considered an "old member of the Capitol" as time continues forward. I hope that I'm still around to observe when this occurs. I'd like to see how quickly BHO is willing to fade into memory, as he expects (almost) everyone else who has experience in Washington, to just fade away.

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