Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is Barack Obama REALLY Winning Over Clinton Supporters?

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The following “report on a poll” claims “Obama winning over former Clinton supporters”. Interesting that they include Republicans in their poll then use the results as a gauge to measure what is going on within the Democratic Party:

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama has won over more than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s former supporters, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll that finds party loyalty trumping hard feelings less than three weeks after their bruising Democratic presidential contest ended.

The poll suggests time is beginning to heal some rifts from the primary campaign and that the New York senator’s endorsement of Obama carried weight. The poll was taken in the days after Clinton suspended her campaign and said she was supporting her rival.”

Notice how Ms. Pickler contradicts herself in the two paragraphs you just read.

SCROLL DOWN further into the “reporting” and you’ll read:

“The AP-Yahoo! News survey of 1,759 adults had an overall margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points. Included were interviews with 844 Democrats, for whom the margin of sampling error was plus or minus 3.4 points, and 637 Republicans, with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.9 points.”

If you really want to have fun “thinking critically” add 844+637 and see if you come up with 1,759 !

Go to the link to read her entire “report”. While you’re there, take part in a mock poll to see how your views compare to the 1,759 - pay attention to the last page!

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