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Keith Olbermann, being a biased apologist for Obama

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Keith Olbermann in my opinion has definitely become a biased apologist for Barack Obama just like how Chris Matthews is based on all of the evidence that I am seeing right now. Because of this, he has lost ALL of my respect and I think that in principle he is in the same pot of stew with Bill O'Reilly who he condemns as being a biased apologist for many partisan Neocon Republicans!

These openly anti-Hillary and pro-Obama Countdown videos and transcripts of Keith Olbermann from this week definitely prove my point in my opinion. Here are some Countdown videos and transcript quotes from Monday, February 25:

Feb. 25: Clinton campaign unglued? (08:45)

Feb. 25: Questioning Obama’s patriotism (05:09)

Kondracke misinterprets Obama’s statement

Feb. 25: Worst person: Morton Kondracke of Fox News claims that ‘Barack Obama, violating a promise if he does it, is talking about forgoing public financing.’ Obama actually said ‘If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election.’ (01:47)

Here are some examples of what I clearly perceive to be anti-Hillary and pro-Obama biased quotes from Keith Olbermann on Countdown from Monday, February 25:

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Feb. 25
Read the transcript to the Monday show

Guest: Patton Oswalt

KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST (voice over): "Senator Hillary Clinton may have written her own political obituary. The corollary question: In so doing, did she also hand John McCain some of the paper and ink he will need to try to write Barack Obama’s?

Our fifth story on the COUNTDOWN: Whatever the Clinton campaign thinks it is writing, today, it may have supplied the accompanying illustration of Obama in traditional African robes...

OLBERMANN: Like blaming the media or praising FOX News.

Same day, same place, less heavily played, the tape of the senator moving to compare her opponent to President Bush himself...

OLBERMANN: Is there anybody in Senator Clinton’s campaign saying, you’re not only destroying yourself with this, but you’re also writing some of John McCain’s speeches for him?..."

OLBERMANN: In our fourth story tonight: Measuring a man’s patriotism by his allegiance to symbols. The “Associated Press” reporting yesterday, the conservatives question Senator Barack Obama’s patriotism because he does not wear a flag pin and because he did not put his hand on his heart during the national anthem last September. aiding and abetting with a shocking online poll: Does Barack Obama show the proper patriotism for someone who wants to be the president of the United States?

Obama has already said he’s grandfather, a World War II vet thought to put his hand up for the pledge but stand for the anthem a common practice as you can see in any ballgame. As for a flag pins, Obama stopped during in the runup to the Iraq invasion when it seemed to become, quote for him, “A substitute for true patriotism”...

OLBERMANN: If Ann Coulter makes a reference to Barack Obama’s middle name and then throws in an allusion to Hitler, most of America cringes appropriately. Jon Stewart does it at the Oscars, it’s funny?

Our number one story on the COUNTDOWN, moments at which even the most pro-labor people might have regretted the settlement of the writers’ strike. Not just at the Kodak Theatre, but also on “Saturday Night Live,” backed from forced hiatus, with the premise of a CNN debate in which the moderator admits the entire media is in the tank for Obama..."

Here are some Countdown videos and transcript quotes from Tuesday, February 26 that I think prove my point about Keith Olbermann which is that he is personally anti-Hillary and is a biased apologist for Obama:

Is the Clinton campaign falling apart?

Feb. 26: Washington Post’s Dana Milbank talks about Sen. Hillary Clinton’s sinking presidential campaign. (05:04)

Feb. 26: Bill’s defense of Hillary Clinton’s Iraq vote (04:53)

Goldberg compares Obama and FDR to Hilter

Feb. 26: Worst: Jonah Goldberg, says “…You know, when Barack Obama campaigns, he's basically saying, ‘I'm a silver bullet. I'm going to solve all your problems just by electing me. FDR, Hitler, all these guys, they basically said, 'All your problems can be solved.’” (02:20)

Here are some further examples of what I perceive to be anti-Hillary and pro-Obama biased quotes from Keith Olbermann on Countdown from Tuesday, February 26:

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Feb. 26
Read the transcript to the Tuesday show

Guest: Dana Milbank

KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST: With the latest Ohio polls showing the Clinton lead there down to six with the Keith number of nearly 10. She has yelled at him. She mocked him. She has compared him to George Bush. She has compared his tactical efforts to Karl Rove’s. She has blamed the media.

And now: She’s had her Iraq war authorization vote rational for her by conflating Iraq with 9/11...

OLBERMANN: Yes. To use that clich’, a third rail right there. But this other thing here, the Clinton camp winding up quoting of all things, “Saturday Night Live” arguing that the media has given Senator Obama a free ride, which I imagine he would disagree with. Are there tough questions that have not been thrown his way that he still needs to answer? And assuming he’s not watching this show right now, will you and Brian be asking them tonight?

RUSSERT: Oh, sure. There are several questions that I think have risen to the point where they should be asked of Senator Obama at these debates, in our previous debates... So, I don’t have any apologies to make for our questions towards Senator Obama. And that same treatment will continue tonight...

OLBERMANN: The Clinton camp’s intense desire to paint Obama as unfit to lead or unready at least, to command the mightiest military in human history consistently runs smack into the Obama rebuttal, that her experience and that of Republican rival, John McCain led to their participation in the worst American foreign policy mistake in decades if not centuries, a single Senate vote in 2002, authorizing the use of military force in Iraq.

Yesterday defending that vote, President Clinton not only referenced the fallacy that led to it, that Iraq was somehow tied to 9/11, in doing so, he also suggested, an experienced senator was tricked by an inexperienced just removed from Texas governor...

OLBERMANN: And just as the Clinton camp urged the media to focus on Obama’s foreign policy credentials, so too did the media do so today. The “Associated Press” and the conservative “Washington Times”, the latter paper headlining its piece: “Military Fears Unknown Quantity”, quoting only one fearful military by name, retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, happens to be an analyst for the FOX News Channel. And unnamed war profiteer was also quoted and nobody else. Obama’s rebuttals are coming from his military backers, most of them veterans of the Clinton administration...

OLBERMANN: Which stage of grief or stages of grief will we see from Senator Clinton? And how does Senator Obama play in all this?...

OLBERMANN: Even in these final moments before the 20th Democratic debate, what is going on inside the campaign of Senator Clinton of New York? The apparent answer is, everything. We are told to stand by for a kitchen sink fusillade against Senator Obama. Then again, we’re also told of Senator Clinton’s senior advisers thinks she’s about to lock the nomination down. Dana Milbank of the “Washington Post” who heard that actually said out loud as we continue our countdown to the MSNBC Democratic debate in exactly 21 minutes and 30 seconds. That’s next..."

Keith Olbermann may have done a lot of good things in the past BUT in my opinion he is no longer credible and he has lost ALL of the respect that I once had for him. When I watch Olbermann right now, I monitor him for his personal bias just like how I do the same thing when I watch Bill O'Reilly on FOX News and when I listen to Rush Limbaugh and others like him on extreme right wing talk radio!

Can anyone find just one Countdown video link or transcript within the last week or so where Keith Olbermann had ANYTHING nice or positive to say about Hillary? If it exists, then please show it to me because I have not seen it yet and I watch Countdown every day. If I had a nickel for every compliment that Keith Olbermann has given to Obama and for every time that he has defended Obama either from Hillary or McCain within the last week or so, then I could probably retire right now!

Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and other openly biased pundits in the mainstream media just like them are NOT doing Democrats or the public any kind of a service by acting as apologists for Obama, by not asking the tough questions about obama that we all need to know BEFORE the nomination is decided, and by trying to give Obama a free ride to the Democratic nomination while trying to imply the Clinton campaign's political obituary to their viewers. Shame on all of them!

If Keith Olbermann wants my support and confidence again, then he will definitely have to earn it by showing some true objectivity instead of his own personal bias when he talks about Democrats!

I know that this post may not be popular with some people here but those who know me know that I always call things how I honestly see them right down the middle no matter who it is even if it is not always popular. I completely stand behind everything that I have said in this post without any apology because it is what people definitely need to hear and be aware of right now in my opinion!

Mitch Dworkin "War is not the answer"
Submitted by Wes Clark on February 21, 2007 - 11:40am. Listen to Gen. Wes Clark fight for Dems on Sean Hannity's radio program: An excellent example for all of us to follow and what we all need to be doing to help fight back against extreme right wing Neocon smear propaganda!

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pastormike said...

I think it was absolutely shameful how OBAMA threw Clark under the bus. Very Unfortunate. I was starting to warm up to an Obama Clark ticket. Only to get snubbed one more time by Team Obama. Obama needs to do a 180 on this stance and embrace Clark, Obama supporters agreed with the words of Clark. Lets stop being so PC team Obama. Use some discretion and put Clark on the ticket. I dont think what Wesley Clark said was negative at all. He was being honest and speaking truthful, I hope the Obama Campaign keeps him on the short list for VP, He is perfect. Just the kind of hard line straight shooter Obama needs. Thats why McCain wanted Obama to "Cut Clark Loose" The McCain camp knows that a Clark VP means a insured McCain loss. Clark dwarfs McCain. No one ever talks about the fact that Clark won the war in Kosovo with out even firing a shot. You can learn more about all the vp candidates on both sides at
mccain has nothing but being a POW to run on,
Why Obama needs Clark as his VP