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Laughing At Barack Obama And His DailyKooks

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We have two more months of Obama gaffes to come.

The Pompous Possum seal is gone. Obama’s own website calls a certain well-known terrorist Obama Bin Laden. Obama, busy selling himself as a Christian (forget Wright/Pfleger), does not want to be seen in public with Muslims like Congressman Ellison.

Obama’s dedicated internet dens of Hopium are experiencing what used to be known as “a bad trip”. The hallucinogenic Hopium has gone as bad as Obama’s promises to filibuster a FISA bill with telecom immunity included. The DailyKooks, Talking Pimps Memo, Arriana Huff n’ Puff (collectively, the PINO Big Blogs) are getting thrown under the bus by Obama. As Obama spanks them with every broken promise, they reflexively respond “Thank you sir - may I have another.”

Just think, we have two more months of Obama making fools of these fools and of himself.

* * *

Obama is not alone in making a fool of himself. Nancy Pelosi, of Dean/Obama/Brazille/Pelosi, is busy making a fool of herself and the DailyKooks crowd too. Nancy is pushing the FISA bill as a victory when anyone with any sense knows that the current FISA bill pushed by the Democratic Leadership is a big Republican victory. Here’s Nancy making a fool of herself regarding sexism and Hillary Clinton:

Lynn Sweet reports that Nancy Pelosi seemed loath to blame sexism for Clinton’s loss while speaking to reporters this morning — but also acknowledged its prevalance.

“Sen. Clinton has advanced the cause of women in government and her candidacy has been a very positive tonic for the country and had a very wholesome effect on the political process,” she said. “I really don’t know, I haven’t analyzed and the rest, I’m a victim of sexism myself all the time, but I just think it goes with the territory, I don’t sit around to say, ‘but for that.”

Pelosi, who has something of a strained relationship with some Clinton supporters and donors (and the Clintons themselves), also pointed to the elephant in the room. “I think her candidacy was a just a bright, bright moment for us and she may run again.”

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy - just listen to yourself. Nancy is now a fool among fools - little wonder Obama’s internet dens of Hopium love Nancy.

The Obama campaign is not content with having a fool for a candidate and foolish supporters like Nancy. Now they want to turn Hillary donors into fools.

In a PowerPoint presentation, the Obama campaign is selling the foolishness that women will actually vote for Obama if he were ever to become the Democratic nominee. In the same PowerPoint presentation the Obama campaign wants Hillary donors to rescue the fools at the Democratic? National Committee. Apparently, the Democratic? convention is short on cash and the DNC is short on cash too. The Republicans have a lot of money ($53.6 million) while Howard Dean and his 46 state strategy is running low on cash ($4.4 million).

A reader sends over a copy of a power point presentation made by David Plouffe last Thursday in Chicago, which appears aimed by its content at Clinton donors.

The presentation touts Obama’s strength with Clinton’s bases of female and Hispanic voters, saying he’s “poised to win [a] historic level of support” from women.

It does, however, sound one alarm: The RNC’s huge cash advantage over the DNC, something Obama’s aides would like Clinton backers to help remedy with large contributions to the party committee.

The influential activist Ricki Lieberman ( suggests otherwise (and offers other good advice) at the new Together4Us site:

Like me, if you want a Democrat in the White House in November, HOLD ON. We are on an ELECTABILITY WATCH. For those of us who cannot even imagine BO as the Democratic nominee and who believe that to nominate BO is to elect McCain, the answer is still Hillary.

HRC delegates - please hold on.

Funders - please, no $ to BO or the DNC, not one penny! Abstinence! [snip]

Together we will fight against the hostile takeover of our party by the Obama, Pelosi, Dean and Reid coup. 18,000,000 of us can do it if we stay together and do not fragment.

For those of you who want to vet McCain, please wait, at least until after August 28. There will be time for all of us to make individual decisions depending on the honor or dishonor of the Democratic convention.

Ricki makes a strong case for Hillary:

I want a Democrat in the White House. At the Convention, the sole job of the delegates will be to select the person who is electable in November.

That person is Hillary Clinton. During the primary process BO did not “close the deal” with primary voters. The more voters got to know BO, the more votes Senator Clinton received. By the time she suspended, not ended, her campaign, she led in the popular vote, in the blue states and swing states needed to win the Electoral College, and in the polls against McCain. She won convincingly wherever one person one vote was the principle of the voting process; she did not prevail in the caucuses - one of the least democratic voting methods imaginable - no secret ballot, limited access, no absentee ballots…

Senator Clinton has the best, most progressive stance on issues of importance to Democrats - truly universal, affordable health care; sensible mortgage relief to avoid the dissolution of our communities; universal pre-k and greater access to high education; energy independence; investments in infrastructure, urban regeneration, stem cell research and other scientific explorations… she has the connections to and the admiration of the world leaders and populations desperate for strong leadership from the United States…

We know Senator Clinton’s record, her ability to bring people together, her intelligence, humor, and that she is a caring person who has worked unceasingly for women, children and families. We know that she understands the issues and nuances of the middle east and has been a proven friend of Israel and other democratic allies.

We know so little of BO, other than he rose meteorically from the south side of Chicago politics, and gives a good speech.

We know that he stood by silently as the media and his own campaign degraded women and the candidacy of Senator Clinton. We know that he encouraged undemocratic practices such as snatching votes and delegates in Florida and Michigan. We know that his associates and friends are not those we would be comfortable bringing home to mother.

Clinton delegates - please hold tight. Do not give up your seat or believe anyone who tells you that Hillary has conceded or ended her campaign. She has suspended her campaign. At a minimum, we must be sure that the Democratic platform reflects her values and programs. We want her to be nominated, speak and to have a roll call.

If BO is the nominee of the party, we will have plenty of time to decide if he has earned the 18 million votes and support of Clinton campaign volunteers.

If he has failed to “close the deal”, we will be there to remind the delegates that their only job is to nominate the ELECTABLE candidate in order to restore the White House to the Democrats.

* * *

When HillaryIs44 first published back in April 2007 there were few Hillary support sites. Today support for Hillary on the Internet is much more visible. Many Hillary supporters have started websites this year and more are published every day. A new truly progressive Democratic network of websites is being born.

We note the Mission Statement of today’s brand sparkling new Together4Us website.

One year ago, the Democrats predicted a joyful march toward victory in November. For various reasons, and to different degrees, Democrats are not all in the same frame of mind today. Our changed outlook about this election is not thanks to sour grapes or hurt feelings. It’s about genuine concern for the party and its future. It’s about the attitudes and values of the party’s leaders and leadership. It’s about whether those leaders – including Barack Obama – will take seriously the 18 million voters who supported his opponent, and whether he and the party will demonstrate sincere, lasting commitment to real party unity – not just unity built on political convenience.

Much has been asked of Hillary Clinton since she suspended her campaign. Already she has forcefully pledged to work for Obama and the party and, based on her extraordinary track record of supporting democratic candidates over the past 15 years, no one can doubt her commitment to the party’s nominee or the party’s goals. [snip]

So far, Senator Obama and the party leadership only appear willing to pay lip service to Hillary’s supporters, the issues she championed, or her place in the party leadership. All we have heard is that we better fall in line fast, and with no questions asked.

But we are not willing to fall into line without first getting some answers.

So, we ask the following questions of Senator Obama and the Democratic Party:

How are you going to ensure that Hillary Clinton plays a prominent role in the future of the party and our country?

When will you address the issues of concern to Hillary Clinton’s supporters?

How will the party reform its undemocratic nominating process and ensure a system that is one person/one vote

How will the Democratic Party redress sexism, and all forms of discrimination?

These questions are being asked, but the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party are not answering. The utter silence is troubling to many of us – so troubling that we cannot, at this moment, promise to vote Democratic in the Fall. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party need to understand that multitudes of people from every walk of life and every part of the country are asking these questions. In order to prove our numbers, I ask you to log onto and sign the attached Pledge of Togetherness. Together, we hope to get answers from the Obama campaign and the Party. And, together, we hope to find the best avenue to pursue in the 2008 election. There is no commitment to act together, but only to ask our questions together. We can make the Democratic ticket stronger by getting clear answers that could energize millions of voters. Would you please help us get our questions answered? It will take 30 seconds to read and sign at A signature from you would be particularly powerful.

A lot of organizing is getting done by Hillary supporters every day. Different people will arrive at different decisions. At Big Pink our nominee is Hillary. We will not vote for an unqualified candidate who waged a race-baiting, gay-bashing, woman-hating campaign.

For Hillary supporters at Big Pink it’s a People’s Campaign.

We will think and act like Rosa Parks. We won’t go to the back of the bus.

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