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Message to Democratic Party, MSM, GOP, Sponsors, Endorsers

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By Soldier4Hillary

To the members of the Democratic National Party, Sponsors of the Democratic National Convention, Endorsers, MSM,Officials, & Democrats Up & Down the Ballot for the November General Election, Selected Members of the GOP

First, DNC, as I have changed party affiliation to Independent, please remove my information from your system. As I am sure that you receive countless emails on a daily basis, I am under no assumption that it is easy to respond to each and every individual email. Therefore I decided it would be easier to send my message in person, therefore I made special remarks, especially for you, due to your hectic schedules I am sure many of you have since it is the job of many of you to represent your constituents:

“Message to Democrats Up & Down the Ballot“

“How to lose an Election: Trample on Freedom of Speech“

“The Battle May be Over but the War Has Just Begun“

I have decided it as my civic duty, other than serving my country that is, to keep you apprised of the things I assume you have no idea about. However, I base this assumption on the fact that no elected official would never ignore the voices of their constituents. I am sure many of you may have received a previous email from me, from the email address of “” but I find that those who make it their business to hack accounts, do not really care to much about trampling all on the rights of citizens, or illegal activity for that matter. Because it is my fondest hope that one day, someone will at least pretend to look into the constant complaints of so many have made, in regards to the constant internet attacks against anyone who has the audacity to actually look favorably on Senator Clinton.

Now many of you may wonder why so many people find the thought of Senator Obama so unappealing, and I am sure many of you are behind him 100 percent. Recently, one of your DNC members made a really interesting comment towards those who chooses to not “fall in”. The remark was stating that “fascists” will come in the middle of the night and take us from our homes to concentration camps, and then we would basically rethink about our “vote. Amazingly enough, Mr Yberra seems to think threats such as this work. However, if I can survive the streets of Baghdad and Bagram, I think I can handle ignorant members of the Democratic Party attempting to use “scare tactics” to receive my vote.

However, let me be frank….I have no intentions, not today, not tomorrow, or any day after, of ever supporting Senator Barack Obama. Actually as of the last message I received stating I should be “tied up in a bag and thrown in the river”, from an “overzealous” supporter, I have decided that a New Form of Politics is in order. And not the one outlined in Donna Brazile’s email telling us to stay home on election day because the “New” Democratic Party will be led by the “youth”. See, this form of politics is based on those actually doing their job and not thinking a letter designation or party affiliation makes them entitled.

But thats for November. My concern now is that many of you do not realize that by remaining silent while your constituents are being abused daily is not the best way to remain your seat if your an elected official. Now its wonderful to have money to be able to campaign, but its kind of hard to get people to pull the lever for you in November if you have done absolutely nothing to stop the thugs hired by the Obama Campaign.

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you may just lose your position based on the constant attacks that are typical from the paid bloggers. And just to let you know, as an African American female. I really dislike the concept of someone assuming my vote will go to someone based on skin color. But what is worst is the fact anyone would be ignorant enough to hype a speech given by Martin Luther King, and applying it to Senator Obama. To even compare the two is being out of touch with reality. Democratic Party Members, it is one thing to be out of touch with the American people, but to be out of touch with reality when you represent us, is a tad too much. We had the teacher but you gave us the student.

For those in the MSM….it would be nice if you could do your jobs. Waiting until Senator Obama crowns himself to activate the Republican Clean Sweeper will not save you from your ratings dropping when we, the people, who gives you your ratings, turn on you. Honestly, if Senator Mccain had a Larry Sinclair, birth certificate issues, supporters who threaten lives, hacked accounts, let college students vote in the state they attend college, and then bus them home to vote in their home state, and resurrecting the dead to vote like they did with Senator Clinton ….He would no longer be in the race. However, I do understand ratings are important, but being on blackout for information the American people need is not the best way to maintain your viewership…..But don’t worry, the Puma community has even reached me here where I am stationed, and it will show, in the November polls.

I know this may seem farfetched but the thing is, all of these things are documented. But if the Democratic party will not even consider visual and audio proof, what choice do we have but to fight you? It’s quiet simple if the Democratic party believes in their selected nominee and are willing to put their political careers on the line. You want your base to support you? Easy.. Fire the paid bloggers that are conducting illegal online activities, and if you want my vote, tell them to leave my email accounts, blog, and YouTube channel alone(they are taking FISA to a whole new level),produce Senator Obama’s original Birth Certificate, Admit or Deny the claims made by Larry Sinclair, I mean the Obama campaign has a specific website for it so answer the question, If the “whitey” tape doesn’t exist, why clarification stating Michelle Obama said “why’d he”, and not “whitey”. To insult our intelligence by ignoring it now and waiting later to answer the questions will not put anyone one step closer to Penn Ave.

To the Republican Party members, please do not take my vote for November as a means of loyalty and support. Because I will throw every last one of you up under the bus in a heartbeat if Senator Clinton was the Dem nominee because the Democratic Party realized we intend to unseat Dems in November for ignoring the voices of the people, performing magic tricks by making delegates disappear and go to Senator Obama when he took his name off the ballot intentionally and was awarded votes based on what someone would of did if he didn’t remove his name voluntarily.

You are a choice, not a decision, but a means to an end to take back the original Democratic Party that is being led by Chicago style politics. Believe me, the day after the Dem convention I will gladly turn over every email and message from those wishing my death in Iraq just because I pointed out its easy for Senator Obama to say what he “would of” done, if he just was in the Senate at the time to have a say for 527 Ads.

For the Dems, yes, Clinton and Mccain are like night and day. But when you have been out on the front line so to speak day in and day out fighting for change against those who take the concept of “any means necessary” to literally mean “by any means necessary”, you have choices to make. Since both candidates literally for me are worthless, I choose to vote for the one who I know actually loves their country. And no matter what you may say, patriotism is not something you should have to prove, it should be given considering your vying for the position of Commander in Chief.

Now for Senator Obama, because I am sure this message will be forwarded because you now consider yourself the owner of the Democratic Party. My message is simple….fight. Fight and fight hard to win because I intend to do so for one thing and one thing only, the country and its people. See Senator, the thing is, if I can die serving my country, then I have the right to vote anyway I choose. And to you, I said No Deal. The thing about support and loyalty, despite how many times Senator Clinton states we should support the nominee, is that it doesn’t come with a deed of transfer.

It will not be given, it cannot be bought, and it is not an implied task. I watched you play the race card in South Carolina, Mississippi, & Louisiana and read your words back in August of last year stating you were going to “redo” the map for the african americans to play a bigger role. My vote is my own, and it does not come color coded. The thing about this country I love is the fact that we set the standard all around the world. And it will be a cold day in hell for many people before we see you as Commander in Chief. Its not personal. Its reality.

And in this reality, party affiliation and designation does not give you the keys to 1600 Penn Ave. By having your surrogates do the dirty work, it gives the appearance that its not in your hands. But thats the thing with politicians that are “made” and not “born”. Do you know why no one writes about your stance on the issues? Because they change depending on the day, and who you are addressing and it would be written proof that you have no foundation to stand on. No one person is perfect, but when you are attempting to attain the highest position our country has to offer, yes, your life becomes an open book.

Everything is not a smear, and everyone is not “racist” that choose to not vote or support you. Right now, everyone is giving you a free ride, but the ride stops, if you happen to be the nominee. The movement underway will not be stopped by having blogs and websites removed and accounts hacked and people threatened. Money may buy primaries, and super delegates, but its the American people who win General Elections. And if anyone thinks invoking the essence of Martin Luther Kings speech, who by the way was a Republican if you didn’t know, will not make people “guilted” into submission.

See, the flag I wear on my right shoulder has 50 stars for 50 states and to me, that represents each and every person whose freedom I fight for when I deploy overseas. The Democratic Party’s first mistake was assuming we wanted an Affirmative Action president more than we wanted change for our country. The second mistake was assuming we will all fall in. But the last mistake was underestimating the will of the people and silencing the voices of the people to achieve a goal.

This year Senator, I say No Deal. For every single person that put everything they had in supporting Senator Clinton as she fought for the heart and soul of a party that did not support her. Unless I lose my life between now, and November, and I put this on all that I love..if you want it, you better fight for it hard and campaign for it long, because I LOVE my country and will always place that above any political party designation.

The Democratic Party we once knew, is the Democratic Party we know, no longer. If the Democratic Party can’t remember the core values and foundation for which it was built, then it is time for many of you to be unseated. This is the calm before the storm.

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