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MSNBC's pro-Obama bias is a disgrace to political journalism: has Team Obama made Olbermann and Matthews a promise?

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I strongly advise you to have a vomit bucket ready at all times, in case during your TV channel surfing you land, by accident,on MSNBC. That cable channel, particularly Matthews and Olbermann (at right) are taking partiality to whole new levels...hell, Fox's Sean Hannity and CNN's Wolf Blitzer seem completely neutral by comparison. To get Obama elected, is there no end to how far these guys will go to destroy Clinton and McCain? And why? Has Team Obama made them a promise...maybe follow in the footsteps of Fox's Jon Snow as White House Press Secretary?

After Chris Matthews declared that Obama sent shivers up his leg, it was clear that all his objectivity had flown out of the window. As for Olbermann, blogger Alessandro writes

Not to be outdone by Matthews, Keith Olbermann used a news clip of John McCain DEFENDING HILLARY CLINTON AGAINST MEDIA ATTACKS, to Ostracize John McCain! To top it off, KO actually somehow convinced a senior editor from Newsweek named Jonathan Alter to go along with the charade! Keith Olbermann introduces his egomaniacal diatribe... "Senator McCain Caught Lying to the Media about having criticized the media......."

The four minute plus trashing of John McCain by Keith Olbermann and Alter was in response to the following John McCain comment,"Senator Clinton has earned great respect for her tenacity & courage. The media often overlooked how compassionately she spoke to the concerns and dreams of millions of americans, and she deserves a lot more appreciation then she sometimes received."

After showing the above sound bite Olbermann and Alter conduct a four minute attack on McCain as the two insinuate that McCain has memory issues and that he can no longer get away with lying because of video. Huh? They spent four minutes nit picking the memory talking point over a comment McCain makes in which he eloquently defends Hillary Clinton. Masquerading personal agendas under the guise of "McCain is losing his memory" is irresponsible journalism. I feel badly that Jonathan Alter of Newsweek feels compelled to take part in "Keith's World" as I believe it brings down the authenticity of Newsweek magazine.

Olbermann now believes he can get on the air and talk about anything and relate it to himself and his self importance while pretending it is about something else. I've lost a great deal of respect for whomever is in charge of keeping Keith Olberman halfway sane.

Olbermann's act has gotten old, tired, and in need of an enema. Matthews and Olberman think they are above reproach and are so ethically out of control that I cannot understand how people around them can live with themselves for letting these two guys loose on the airwaves.


Disagree. Very believable. I've seen this pattern play out time and time again on MSNBC. But Olbermann is worst...he kept the allegations of fraud in Ohio in 2004 alive for over 12 months after the rest of the world moved on...and Matthews is a close second. I still cant figure out how Matthews managed to score an own goal with this famous clip which provides arguably the single most damning video clip to use in the closing arguments about why Obama simply can not be elected President.

That was the Chris Matthews I used to enjoy watching. But since then he's joined Olbermann in backing Obama. And they are not alone at MSNBC... maybe Obama has suggested he will take one off MSNBC to the White House every two years, thereby creating at least four opportunities. My guess is Dan Abrams, Andrea Mitchell and Alex Witt could be also be contenders to join Matthews and Olbermann. Check out this dirty trick involving MSNBC anchor, Alex Witt.

Andrea Mitchell talking about yesterday's opinion poll showing Obama 45 McCain 42 asked her guest, "How come McCain is getting 42%, which is far more than he deserves?"

Think Fox are just as bad. Not even close. Today, for example, they have a negative story on Mrs McCain plagiarizing menus. And don't forget Sean Hannity is balanced, sort of, by Combes. Even O'Reilly showed considerable respect to Senator Clinton. The popular ED Hill was removed last week for taking a cheap shot at Obama, suggesting when Michelle greeted him on stage June 3, they gave each other a terrorist style greeting.

I suspect if MSNBC started this morning to remove its anchors for taking cheap shots at Senators Clinton and McCain, the network would be showing an empty studio by the end of the day.

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