Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nancy Pelosi - Where Were You?

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What Is More Important?

Many have asked, where has Nancy Pelosi been? As a figurehead in government, a representative of women at large, a benefactor of funding from organizations like Emily’s list, why has she not taken a stand to defend not only Hillary Clinton, but more importantly, the advancement of women in our society.

When asked about sexism and the demeaning assaults against Hillary Clinton by the media, her retort, paraphrased, was she was too busy being Speaker of the House. Wrong!!!

Follow the Money

Enter George Soros, Felix Rohatyn, and Joseph Onek.

Let us connect the dots. In February, 2007, Nancy Pelosi hired Joseph Onek as her Chief Counsel. Mr. Onek is also a chief policy advisor for the Open Society Institute, funded by none other than George Soros.

You may be curious about Felix Rohatyn. Mr. Rohatyn is a not only a major financial backer of Nancy Pelosi but he is one of her top economics advisors.

The Obama Connection

Mr. Obama has called for the formation of a National Infrastructure Investment Bank (NIRB). This is a derivative of the Rohatyn-Rudman National Investment Corporation (NIC) first proposed in 2005.

Essentially, Mr. Obama is a surrogate for a private investment model controlled by George Soros and those that subscribe to his world monetary monopoly model. The NIRB is nothing more than a fascist economic model.

Be Careful

Ms. Pelosi would have us believe her job is so demanding her inability to not only perceive but to understand the sexism, media bias, and misogyny was not within her realm. Do not be fooled! She is in bed with the enemy. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!

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