Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama Be With You

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By Uppity Woman

In case you haven’t heard, Comrade Obama has added up the Democrats who would rather vote for a cockroach — so he is now on a hunt for votes in unlikely quarters. In keeping with his shameless vote whoring habits, he is now pandering to Evangelicals.

Not only is he attempting to con Evangelicals, but he has made The Big Step. Yes, that’s right. Barack Obama says he is going to continue George Bush’s Faith Based programs. I have no doubt that he means it. He plans to provide money to anybody who worships the Highest Of High Lords: Himself. Most of it will go to Reverend Wright though. That new mansion is already too small for his big head. He wants to rebuild. What’s left of the grant will go to his Faith-Based Goddamn AmeriKKKa program. Here, I envision Reverend Wright being in full charge of the Goddamned Faith Based Initiative. I envision this much in the same way as I envision a pardoned Tony Rezko taking charge of HUD and Bill Ayers in charge of the Department of Education.

I find it interesting that Obama would applaud George Bush’s unwillingness to separate church from state, but I do not find it shocking. As time moves on, we are seeing that Comrade Obama bears a striking resemblence to George. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Obama is the Democratic Party’s George Bush Redux.

He’s inept just like George Bush. He lies to get what he wants, just like George Bush. He’s arrogant, just like George Bush. He disinfranchises entire blocks of Americans, just like George Bush. He uses people, just like George Bush. He’s arrogant, just like George Bush. He refuses to be vetted, just like George Bush. He gets his sycophants to attack people, just like George Bush. He rigs things, just like George Bush. He’s a thug, just like George Bush. He’s impressed with himself, just like George Bush. He cheats, just like George Bush. He has unsavory friends, just like George Bush. And he has a middle east conflict, just like George Bush.

And now, we are watching Barack Obama refuse to separate Church from State, just like George Bush.

There are a few differences though. At least George Bush can make up his mind what he believes, even if it’s the wrong thing.

I know you might find this hard to believe, but I think what Comrade Obama is doing is fun to watch. For one thing, it’s an absolute blast to watch HuffPo, DKos and Moveon have minor strokes watching Barky shove it up their noses. It really is fun to watch them come to the realization that Comrade Obama was using the whole boatload of them. First it was FISA and now the…..gasp…..evangelicals. I bet they all feel Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Led Astray.

God, I love poetic justice, don’t you?

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