Sunday, July 6, 2008


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As a subscriber to the Tribune I frequently get marketing emails….yesterday I received an email entitled “EVERYTHING OBAMA”…..can’t you just see the marketing department coming up w/ this subject title……They were probably saying-”I know we can exploit the obamamania to sell more papers, and keep our company in business one more year”………the tribune’s op-ed section has become so pro-obama, simple-minded, predictable, and boring…it truly is embarrasing…I think my high school paper did a better job.

Now the ugly step-child paper, across town….The Chicago Sun Times…..included this brilliant commentary, from some simpleton, who admits to growing up in a racist family…..the summation of his article is that as white people it is our fault for not accepting Obama, and that we are essentially racist if we relate Obama to Wright….how the hell did this baldy (mark brown) get a job….I mean is it any wonder no one is buying newspapers anymore. Mark’s article:,CST-NWS-brown30.article

It has become very obvious that the Chicago papers see Obama as their cash cow, the longer he stays around, the more papers they sell…they are salivating for his presidency….also, I am sure they are thinking his presidency could then lead to our solidifying the summer olympic bid……which means more stories and more money.

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