Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama is a Disaster for Progressive Democratic Politics

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It is finally becoming clear to people around me that Barack Obama is the white capitalist establishment's black candidate.

The capitalist class believes that it has benefited greatly, especially in the long-term, from expanded imperialism and the destruction of the labor movement.

However, corporate America is concerned that the project is running into resistance from the left. The Republican brand has taken a hit and John McCain makes it difficult to continue the policies of George W. Bush because he is a conservative white male.

Progressives have no qualms about raising hell over the anti-democratic actions of conservative white male Republicans. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has manufactured a left liberal cult of personality which finds many liberals jettisoning their core principles in exchange for the symbolic accomplishment of a black president. Sacrificing principle for symbolism, Obama is in a better position to continue the capitalist project of dismantling the decades of progressive legislation implaced by the New Dealers.

Obama has been auditioning hard for the job over the past several weeks. We will get our answer after the convention as to whether or not he gets the job. If the corporate media continues its pro-Obama form, Obama is their man. If the corporate media trucks out his associations in Chicago and harps on Obama's character problems, for example, his unparalleled penchant for pandering, we will know they have decided to continue with the Republicans in the executive.

In light of Obama's dramatic shift to the right, and given the cooptative function of his candidacy, an Obama presidency is likely to be worse than a McCain presidency.

I am saddened that so many liberals have been duped by the Obama candidacy.

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