Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama Lacks Three Key Leadership Traits: Honesty, Loyalty, and Judgment

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Barack Obama had the opportunity to live up to his promises yesterday. That is until he opted out of public financing. For a candidate that consistently says listen to my words and not the opponents spin this current move shows that the American Public can not trust the words of Obama. Obama is fast becoming the "Great Liar". The Great Liar will say anything to everyone to gain their vote. The Great Liar has no loyalty towards those who got him where he is at and the Great Liar has shown a distinct lack of Judgment.

Obama once claimed in a speech that he was the product of the Selma Marches. He claimed in MAR 07 that he would not have been born without the Kennedy's and their aid to the air lift. This turned out to be nothing but a lie. It made for a great speech line but was in reality a lie. Obama claimed he was against NAFTA in the debates; then promptly sent his advisors to meet with the Canadians and tell them not to worry. Obama's stance was that he would say things on the campaign trail that were simply untrue. Another instance of a flat out lie is when he said his Uncle helped free the concentration camp at Auschwitz. This lie was due to truth not being nearly as impressive or known. Obama also has conflicting statements on his stance on the issues. Obama tells Americans that he will enact a middle class tax cut but yet he falls far short of the revenue required to pay for his Marxist social programs. How are we to believe Obama when all he does is lie, cheat, and steal.

Obama blames everyone else for the lies and coverups. Obama will throw anyone under the bus that is not politically convenient. Obama showed no loyalty towards his curch. Obama shows no loyalty to his family. He threw his cousin under the bus for saying that Obama was raised in a muslim family environment. He threw his staffers under the bus for filing questionnaires in his behalf. The questionnaires were in an effort to gain the endorsement of a anti-gun agency. Obama said he would like to ban guns on that questionnaire; now he says he is not for a ban. Obama blamed unpaid volunteers for not allowing Muslim women to stand behind him rather than take responsibility.

Finally, Obama has a distinct lack of judging people. Obama's known associate's include a convicted felon, an anti American pastor, a bigoted spouse, a wanted embezzler, an admitted terrorist, and other shady characters. Why would anyone vote for a candidate that will stand for nothing? Why would we vote for a candidate that would lie for a better speech or lie for political convenience? Why would we vote for a candidate that has displayed a lack of judgment and has no experince to say otherwise?

Obama is a disaster. His empty rhetoric is just that. He plagiarizes lines from other people's speeches. He changes his tune for every audience. He stands for nothing. He is backing off his withdraw at any cost platform in Iraq. He backed off his appeasement philosophy in Iran. Obama is quickly becoming the biggest clown in America. Obama is a disaster America can live without. Obama represents change we will not believe. Obama is not loyal, lacks judgment, and a proven liar.

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