Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama Panders on Capital Punishment

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By TexasDarlin

I thought he was a PROGRESSIVE? I am shocked to hear that Senator Obama, leader of the liberals, supports capital punishment for crimes other than murder. But here he is, siding with the conservative minority led by Justice Alito in this week’s 5-to-4 Supreme Court ruling.

OF COURSE, everyone considers the rape of a child to be an extremely heinous act, but progressive constitutional scholars typically oppose capital punishment quite vigorously, and ALWAYS for non-murder offenses. Would Obama’s position have been the same 3 months ago when he was grubbing for votes from upper educated liberal elites? I doubt it. This is pandering of the highest order, and I find myself asking out loud once again: What does this guy really stand for. Who IS Obama? What ARE his values?

Now, I don’t even trust him on Supreme Court appointments.

Room under the bus for a few million liberals?

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