Friday, July 4, 2008

The Obama Pattern: 1) Defend 2) Disassociate 3) Throw Under the Bus 4) Repeat

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A member of Barack Obama's Vice Presidential vetting team has stepped down in the wake of being implicated with a mortgage firm involved in the mortgage meltdown.

Today's Wall Street Journal Blog has stumbled upon what might be called 'The Obama Pattern": that is, Obama has a habit of 1) defending his associates, then 2) disassociating himself from them, then 3) throwing them under the bus, and 4) repeat.

At first, it was Rev. Jeremiah Wright (you know, the guy that Obama could "no more disown" than he could disown his "white grandmother?") Then it was William Ayers (the former member of a domestic terrorist organization). Then came Father Pfleger (the guy that mocked Clinton's tears and accused her and her husband of a 'white superiority' complex). This time, it's Jim Johnson, a member of Obama's Vice Presidential Selection Committee. Johnson came under fire recently for his ties to a mortgaging firm that has been implicated as having played a role in the mortgage meltdown.

The problem isn't simply that Obama hired someone with ties to the unholy mortgaging firm. The problem is that Obama has made the mortgage meltdown and the firms involved in the meltdown a central part of his campaign, even going so far as to have specifically criticized the mortgage firm that was linked to Jim Johnson - Countrywide Financial. Lets see if this news story keeps its legs. I'll be surprised if it lasts for longer than a day.

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