Sunday, July 20, 2008


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All along throughout the entire primary process whenever anyone on a blog or in reply to an article said ANYTHING NEGATIVE against the HOLY ONE, the replies were nasty, threatening, divisive and ALWAYS criticized the person with being a racist!! The other day on Huffington Post an article was written about Ricki Liebermann's ELECTABILITY WATCH which many of us PUMAS are involved in. Each week we write to at least 18 superdelegates - one for each million votes Hillary received. Well, the replies to this article were truly scary!! Poor Ricki was bombarded with phone calls and e-mails and gave us a sample of some of them in her daily e-mail today. It's almost like these people truly believe Obama IS God. And even if people said something against God, I do not think the replies would be as nasty, threatening or scary!!

High profile PUMAS who have established sites that are getting a lot of publicity are not only receiving these types of calls and e-mails but also are getting DEATH THREATS. The Obama campaign PAYS PEOPLE TO BLOG FOR HIM. I wonder how many of these threatening e-mails are from the paid bloggers??!!! IF this is something Obama condones, then it only makes an Obama presidency even more scary than it is already!!

FREE SPEECH is one of the few things in the Constitution that Bush has not destroyed yet but it seems an Obama presidency would take care of that!! Obama, himself, has discouraged free speech and cried foul any time anything negative is written about him. And now he is whining because the media is writing negative things about his wife. All I know is this type of attitude which results in such destructive actions only reinforces me and others to work even harder in our fight to make Hillary the nominee and above all else, MAKE SURE OBAMA NEVER GETS THE KEYS TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

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