Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama’s FISA Cult-Aide Shuffle

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Everyone was against it. At least those of us with any sense of patriotism. Spying on Americans? That was something only a maniacal dictator wannabe like Bush would propose. The 4th Amendment has been a fundamental tenet of the Democratic party. But no more. Great Leader Obama has decided that he supports spying on Americans and like masses of sheep his cult followers fell into line supporting it too.

Obama’s support for the FISA “compromise”

What had been a vicious assault on our Constitution, and corrupt complicity to conceal Bush lawbreaking, magically and instantaneously transformed into a perfectly understandable position, even a shrewd and commendable decision, that we should not only accept, but be grateful for as undertaken by Obama for our Own Good.

My friends, this is exactly the definition of a cult. People do and say things that if they were using their reasoning faculties they would know that what they were doing was wrong. But instead they “believe” in the superior will of the Master and follow along like so many lemmings. Taking their will and good sense off the cliff.

Otherwise reasonable people did a massive 180 as if no one was looking. They even went so far as to redefine what they were supporting so that it wouldn’t sound so bad.

Numerous individuals stepped forward to assure us that there was only one small bad part of this bill — the part which immunizes lawbreaking telecoms — and since Obama says that he opposes that part, there is no basis for criticizing him for what he did. Besides, even if Obama decided to support an imperfect bill, it’s our duty to refrain from voicing any criticism of him, because the Only Thing That Matters is that Barack Obama be put in the Oval Office, and we must do anything and everything — including remain silent when he embraces a full-scale assault on the Fourth Amendment and the rule of law — because every goal is now subordinate to electing Barack Obama our new Leader.

Notice that? The most important thing is to put Obama in the White House. Our Constitutional protections wane in comparison to this importance. All those folks that fought and died or were maimed for life defending the Constitution, their lives mean nothing compared with the one life that is Obama. He is a lot more important that the principles that make us a great democracy. No wonder he has his own Presidential Seal.

A single example of what this bill does to harm us is worth pointing out. For several years now the Democratic party has stated time after time that certain powers claimed by Bush were unconstitutional and thus illegal. But not any longer. Thanks to Obama and his Cult.

The bill legalizes many of the warrantless eavesdropping activities George Bush secretly and illegally ordered in 2001. Those warrantless eavesdropping powers violate core Fourth Amendment protections. And Barack Obama now supports all of it, and will vote it into law. Those are just facts.

Quite frankly this action is much worse than anything Bush did. With the thuggish behavior of the Obama campaign and his hordes of Cult followers the potential for intimidation, violation and abuse are far greater than anything we have ever seen before. Even worse than Nixon.

Word to the wise: NObama!

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