Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rove: Obama is the Democrats’ Nixon

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By SusanUnPC

“Instead of consistency, Mr. Obama has followed Richard Nixon’s advice, to cater to his party’s extreme in the primaries and then move aggressively to the middle for the fall.

“In the primary, Mr. Obama:

1. supported pulling out of Iraq within 16 months,
2. called the D.C. gun ban constitutional,
3. backed the subjection of telecom companies to expensive lawsuits for cooperating in the terror surveillance program,
4. opposed welfare reform,
5. pledged to renegotiate Nafta,
6. disavowed free trade and
7. was strongly against the death penalty in all cases.

“But in the past few weeks, Mr. Obama has reversed course on all of these, discarding fringe liberal views for relentlessly centrist positions. He also flip-flopped on accepting public financing and condemning negative ads from third party groups, like unions.

“By taking Nixon’s advice, Mr. Obama is assuming such dramatic reversals will somehow avoid voter scrutiny. But people are watching closely, and by setting a world indoor record for jettisoning past positions, Mr. Obama may be risking his reputation for truthfulness. A candidate’s credibility, once lost, is very hard to restore, regardless of how fine an organization he has built.”

The above excerpt is from today’s Wall Street Journal.

The bullet points were added to emphasize the number of 180-degree reversals.

Moving towards the center is one thing. Displaying no adherence to principles is another.

As Medusa notes, this is very unsettling to Obama’s most passionate supporters, many of whom are protesting on his own Web site.

Speaking of Obama’s campaign Web site:

Change & Experience blog linked to a story here the other day, and displayed an astonishing trend graph that shows that Obama’s popularity indeed is on the wane:

NoQuarter is reporting that Daily Kos and Barack Obama’s base is fracturing. He couldn’t be more right. Right now is tanking in website hits. He is currently at pre-Iowa caucus levels (currently at around Jan. 2nd). John McCain’s site and Bob Barr’s site have remain constant. Barack Obama’s polling numbers have remained unchanged since May 18th. For a “popular” presumptive candidate, you would think you would see his numbers increasing.

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